About 90 percent of Arab social media posts oppose the Israeli agreement

JERUSALEM: Ninety percent of social media users who use Arabic as their main language report against the normalization of Arab countries with Israel. Israel News, quoting diplomats in the ministry is “harerrs,” the report said.

Various social media, Facebook, a report based on a study conducted by Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, platforms, between August 12 and September 8. While 90 per cent of users opposed the diplomatic agreement between the UAE, Bahrain and Israel, only five per cent supported it.

The main allegation raised on social media is that ‘they betrayed the Palestinians’. Forty-five percent responded in this way. 27% opposed the signing of the treaty with the Zionists. 10 percent responded that the UAE was hypocritical. Five percent said the deal was a surrender to the U.S. The response was that the contract was signed with a profit expectation of four per cent.

The main hashtag was “normalization is treason” and “Bahrainis are against normalization”, the report said. The report says that such messages have reached 100 million social media users.

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