Your today’s star result (December 1, 2020)


The efforts you have been making for so long on the work front will turn out to be good for you. Family is likely to support you in your decisions. Today, you will be involved in some Maglik work and it will be very auspicious for you. Those who are in the creative field, their work will flourish.


Creative efforts made on the work front will be appreciated. On the academic front, you need to pull up your socks to beat the competition. Social prestige will increase. Relationships will be strengthened. There will be progress in the field of livelihood.


The cards are in your favour today. You are likely to get promoted today. Creative work will flourish. Try to speak softly with others. Finance will improve. Try to avoid overeating today as it can deteriorate your health.


You need to take care of your health. The work done with wisdom skills will be accomplished. Financially you are strong today. Those who were struggling with the business meeting will finally crack the deal.


You will try to control expenses today. If you start a new business with the blessings of your elders, it is bound to benefit. Family responsibilities will be fulfilled. Wealth, honour, name, and fame will increase.


You are likely to have a romantic day today as your partner will be in good mood. Efforts made in the business front will flourish. Your political career will shine today.


You will get the support from your guru today. It is going to be a good day for you. You will receive some good news today. The day will be fine for your lovemate and that will cheer you up.


You will get ample support from your family. If you are doing a job then you can get a transfer from where there will be some problem in doing up-and-down. You will get fame and respect in society.


Avoid taking a risk in economic matters. Good time for money, respect and position. Your relations with your life partner will get improved. Take care of your health. You will get success in business.


The completion of a task will strengthen the relationship. There will be progress in the field of livelihood. You are likely to get interested in social work. Avoid any kind of dispute or fight with anyone.


Creative efforts will flourish. Governance will be the support of power. Wealth, name and fame will increase. The completion of the much-awaited work will increase confidence. There are possibilities of a homecoming of a new one.


The family will support you in your tough decisions. You will get success and rewards. Family and social prestige will increase. You will get closer to your goals. You will get support from friends and colleagues.

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