Rejection of marriage proposal: Muslim man kills Christian woman in Pakistan

Islamabad: A Muslim man has killed a Christian woman in Pakistan for refusing a marriage proposal. A young man named Shehzad shot and killed a Christian woman named Sonia for refusing a marriage proposal.

Officials at the Coral Police Station in Rawalpindi said the search for Shehzad had been intensified. Shehzad’s mother had come to Sonia’s house with a marriage proposal, but Sonia’s parents rejected the marriage proposal because the girl was in love with a young man named Faisan. Shehshad was furious when he was shot dead, according to investigators.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Inspector General of Police said a detailed investigation into the incident would be carried out. Last month, it was reported in Karachi that a Christian girl had been abducted and married to a Muslim middle-aged man after converting to Islam.

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