To make up for the deficiency of iron, do you eat food in an iron pan? Do not forget to cook these things

Never Cook These Foods in an Iron Kadhai:  People often cook food in iron utensils to overcome iron deficiency. Cooking food in iron utensils provides many benefits to health. An adult woman needs 18 mg of iron daily, while her food intake can be improved if her food is cooked regularly in an iron vessel for four months.

Despite the uncountable benefits of cooking in iron utensils, do you know that if you do not use these utensils properly while cooking, you can get into a lot of health problems. Know which things are important to keep in mind before using iron utensils for cooking food.

Do not cook in an iron vessel, forgetting things related to sour or acid. Such food can react with iron, causing unpleasant metallic taste in the food. This is the reason why curry made from kadhi, rasam, sambar or tomato is recommended to be cooked in stainless steel utensils.

The green vegetables made in iron pan quickly turn black. This is due to the iron and iron element present in it. Which is not right for health. There are two reasons for the vegetables to be black, either the pot is not cleaned properly or you have left it in the iron vessel after cooking. Do not do this at all. Immediately turn food cooked in iron utensils into another vessel especially glass or enamel (enamel) pot.

Cooking in iron utensils daily is not right. Cook only two to three times a week. Use mild detergent to wash iron utensils. Immediately wipe these utensils with a cloth after washing them. Keep in mind, never use rough scrubbers or iron lime to give them both.

Before storing the iron pots, apply a thin layer of mustard oil on them, so that they do not rust. Always keep the utensil in a clean and dry place where there is no rust due to water and moisture.

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