Adarsh ​​Gaurav nominated for BAFTA Leading Actor category, Priyanka Chopra tweeted

Actor Adarsh ​​Gaurav, who won his acting in the film ‘The White Tiger’, has been nominated for the Leading Actor category of the British Academy Film (BAFTA 2021). ‘The White Tiger’ featured Adarsh ​​Gaurav, Priyanka Chopra and Rajkumar Rao. In this film, people liked Ardash’s acting very much.

After being nominated for Adarsh ​​Gaurav’s BAFTA Award Leading Actor, Priyanka Chopra has tweeted and praised her co-actor. Priyanka Chopra has written that it is a proud moment for us that the Indian talent has received two BAFTA nominations. There were all Indian star cast in this film. Gaurav deserves this honor and congratulations to him. Ramin Behrani used to make this.

In this category with Adarsh ​​Gaurav, Riz Ahmed has been nominated for Sound of Metal, Chadvich Boseman for Ma Raines Black Bottom, Anthony Hopkins for The Father, Madas Mickelson for Another Round and Taher Rahim for The Mauritanian. The Well BAFTA Awards will be held on 11 April.

In the film ‘The White Tiger’, Adarsh ​​Gaurav played the role of such an ambitious driver. Who wants to be rich like his boss (Rajkumar Rao). Adarsh ​​Gaurav’s acting in the role of Gray Shed was also highly appreciated by the critics. This film is directed by Ramin Behrani. Arvind is inspired by Adiga’s book ‘The White Tiger’.

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