Argentina won the Copa America title, defeating Brazil 1-0 in the final

Argentina defeated Brazil in the final of the Copa America to capture the title. Argentina won the final match 1-0. Angel Di Maria scored the only goal for the team in the first half of the game. Argentina’s team seemed to dominate Brazil throughout the match. Neymar’s team failed to capitalize on the many opportunities that came in the hands of scoring. Messi’s dream of making Argentina champion in international tournament has also come true. With this victory, Argentina has also cleared the account of defeat in the semi-finals of the 2019 Copa America.

Di Mario breached Brazil’s defense in the 22nd minute of the final match and converted the goal from a midfielder’s pass. After Mario, both teams had several chances to score, but neither team could get the ball to the goal post. This win is big for Argentina and Messi. The Argentine team had captured a major title in 1993. Messi was part of the team in the 2007, 2015 and 2016 losses to Argentina in the Copa America tournament. The defeat at the hands of Germany in the World Cup 2014 was also very irritating to Messi. Messi has been successful in making Argentina’s team champion in a major tournament for the first time. Defending champion Brazil star Neymar did not appear in color in the final and could not take advantage of several free kicks.

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