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‘Modi has no excuse for non-performance’: Thirunavukkarasar, Secretary, AICC

August 6, 2014 , INOCI USA


Ramesh Ramanathan adorns shawl to Thirunavukkarasar, John Joseph (TN Chapter President and George Abraham (Chairman)

‘People of India have given a mandate to Mr. Modi based on all his promises and he has no excuse now for non-performance’ said Mr. Su. Thirunavukkarasar, Secretary to the All India Congress Committee. ‘He has an absolute majority and does not need to worry about the coalition politics holding up his programs’ he added. Moreover, Modi has to prove his metal when it comes governing a country like India which is truly diverse’the former union minister added. Mr. Thirunavukkarasar was addressing a meeting organized by the Tamil Nadu Chapter of the Indian National Overseas Congress (I), USA in Hicksville, New York on Sunday August 3, 2014. ‘Congress Party is in no hurry to get back to power, we need to be engaged in rebuilding the party and regaining the confidence of the people’.

He explained further ‘The initial indication with the submissions of the both budgets is that BJP hasn’t broken any new ground other than repackaging policies pursued by the UPA government including the deficit management schemes. It may be slightly prematureyet, as people are beginning to feel unhappy about the budget and price increases and the unchecked corruption at all levels.We know that Modi is no magician who can alleviate all poverty overnight or eliminate all the deficits. He seemed to have overpromised the people and we are waiting to see how those promises are kept’.

‘One of the grave concerns we have is the involvement of RSS (RastriyaSwayamSevakSangh) at all levels of policy making and appointments. If  unchecked, this trend could lead to divisiveness and chaos instead of unity and harmony. He cautioned the government against tinkering with the long standing policies that could negatively impact the fundamental rights of every citizen of the nation’.

‘Congress party is the only truly national party in the country that could bring all segments of the society together. We have the best network, political maturity and infrastructure in the country and we will introspect and bounce back sooner rather than later.’

Mr. John Joseph, President of Tamil Chapter Chaired the meeting. He welcomed the guest of honor and paid glowing tribute to him for his long and dedicated service to Tamil Nadu and the nation. ‘ We should not count or rely on the failures of BJP but rather our successful track record and the vision for the future’ Mr. Joseph implored the audience.

Mr. JunedQazi, President of INOC (I), USA applauded the Tamil Nadu Chapter and its officials for keeping the congress flame alive in this part of the world by convening such meetings with visiting dignitaries on a regular basis.

Mr. George Abraham, the Chairman requested the AICC Secretary to take the message back to New Delhi that there shouldn’t be any further delay in restructuring the party machinery that hadof late become very despondent to the man on the street. ‘If one writes to President Obama, you are certain to get a response, however try writing to any Congress leader in the country, you may be met with silence.

The situation has to change if we are to regain the favor of the people’ he added.  George Abraham presented a letter of recommendation from INOC (I), USA as input into the process of introspection and action plan that is undertaken by the AICC.

Other speakers included Dr. Dayan Naik, President of Karnataka chapter, Mr. Zinda Singh, President of Delhi Chapter, R. Jayachandran, President of Kerala Chapter, Prasad Kambhampaty, EC member, Jose Jacob, Treasurer of Kerala Chapterand Mr. Ramesh Ramanathan.

Mr.GajendranGanesan, the General Secretary of Tamil Nadu Chapter was the Emcee and Mr. KoshyOommen expressed the vote of thanks.


Dr. Dayan Naik (Karnataka chapter President) and Thirunavukkarasar


Zinda Singh (Delhi Chapter President) addressing the meeting


Thirunavukkarasar with Juned Qazi (President), George Abraham, Chairman, John Joseph (TN Chapter President) and others


George Abraham presenting recommendation letter on possible reorganization to Thirunavkkarasar


Thirunavakkarasar with George Abraham (Chairman) and R. jayachandran (Kerala Chapter president)

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