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From the Tea Cup to the World Top

August 17, 2014 , Jose Pinto Stephen


Indians in America are looking forward to receive their newest Prime Minister in the American soil. At last he is coming to the US and arrangements for this historic visit are being progressing day by day. Hon. Narendra Modi is the 15th and the current Prime Minister of India and the world is looking at him with wonder and curiosity- what magic is he going to perform to make India number one in the world? The Indians are also looking at him with lots of expectations and at the same time with mixed feelings – whether he will just follow the BJP agenda as it is to make India a Hindu country or will he respect the Secularist nature of India? Time will tell us the truth.

22guj2Modi was born in a poor family and in a backward community. At his childhood he helped his father to sell tea at Vadnagar railway station and later helped his brother to run a teastall at a nearby bus terminal. And even in the middle of those struggles he found ways to educate himself and grow into a leader and community activist in many different ways. Now he proved that India is also a land of opportunities. His story gives hope and expectations to the millions of poor and downtrodden people in India.

Modi has a strong personality and he seems to be determined to make some positive changes in India. One thing I personally like is his open mindedness to make his visit as a true Indian Prime Minister and not as a spokesman of BJP. He gave instructions to his staff to include representatives from all states, all religions and all communitiesof people of Indian origin as parts of the organizing committee for his official visit. That is a very positive step from our Prime Minster. Though he was competed as a BJP candidate, now he is the Prime Minister of whole of India and he should be a true representative of the diverse communities of India.

Now it a great opportunity for the Indian Americans to meet him and demand for the essential rights and privileges from the Indian Government. What we are going to ask Modi is very important. The main thing we need to ask him is the Dual Citizenship. Most of our problems as pravasis areoccurreddue to our citizenship status. The people who are still in India consider us as foreigners and there are lots of disputes going on there because of that status. It should change. When we have dual citizenship we will have equal rights same as our fellow Indians and will have more freedom in our motherland. People of Indian origins are accepting the citizenships of other countries not because of their hatred towards India. Not at all. It is because of a better opportunity and a better future.


Still they are the ones who loves India more than any other Indians who are still living in India. They still care about India and looking forward for the opportunities to serve India and contribute for the development of India. Even at this time countless amount of dollars flew to India during the election time from the Indian Diaspora in different countries of the world. Thousands of Indians even flew to India during the election period and spend their time and other resources to work for and support their candidates. So this time we should unite together and demand for our rights and privileges.

That will help India in many ways. People are complaining about black money and that issue also will be solved by this initiative. So the organizations should make a list of their needs and demand for their rights as overseas Indian Citizens. This list should present to our honorable Prime Minster when he is here. It would be nice if any organization can come forward and start an online signature campaign in favor of this need. It should start as soon as possible and we should give some time to our Prime Minster to prepare himself to answer to our petitions and demands.

Several countries are given this option to their citizens and even after they migrate to other countries,and still consider them as their own people. And their people are making use of that privilege to serve their country in a better way. We should be loyal to our motherland and to the adopted country that we are living in for the time being. So Let us use this opportunity and make it a win-win situation.


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