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INOC Chair slams RSS Chief’s Mohan Bhagavat’s remark that India is a Hindu Nation

August 18, 2014 , INOCI USA

Logo‘RSS is fanning the flames of hatred and division and the latest statement by Mr. Mohan Bhagwat , the RSS Chief, is clearly an indication of their grand design to inject religious bigotry into the nations’ psyche and to polarize the people of India’ said George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA. ‘Despite the fact that the preamble of the Indian constitution clearly calls India a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic republic, one can only view the current discourse on this matter as part of the concentrated efforts by some quarters, probably with the tacit approval of those in power, to exploit the differences for political mileage’ the statement added.

‘Hinduism is known for its tolerance and inclusiveness throughout the history and the spoken words by the RSS chief is not only very unsettling to the religious minorities of India but also taking the focus away from the real issues facing the nation such as alleviation of poverty and hunger, provision of clean water and air, protection of the women, elimination of corruption and arresting inflation of the essential commodities and so forth…’.

‘Silence of the Prime Minister on these provocative statements is just deafening’, the statement concluded.


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