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Appeal to Prime Minister of India for dual citizenship – Open letter

September 27, 2014 , Thomas Koovalloor

113Dear Friends & Community leaders:

I am forwarding herein  the copy of the Resolution passed by various Indian American organizations who attended the national Tele- conference called up by JFA on September 25th, 2014 at 9.00 pm EST to discuss about the idea of Dual citizenship.

The resolution  was unanimously passed by different organization leaders from California, Texas, Florida, New jersey, Washington DC, Virginia, New York, Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and other States. We all know that some people are opposing this idea and they are not interested in this subject. Still many ordinary citizenship want to keep their ” Indianness”. Those who are interested to get the Dual citizenship kindly sign the petition at the bottom of the resolution attached.

We are inviting all like minded Indian national who received U.S.Citizenship and were forced to surrender their Indian Citizenship for obtaining Visa to india or obtaining their OCI card.

Kindly forward this to your friends, religious organizations, political leaders, association leaders, and even your family friends, so that we can make a national movement for obtaining our ” Birth Right”. Leaders of those who have the chance to meet  our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi can draft their own petition like this and give him directly. Together we can make the difference.

i-petition link:


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