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First ‘World Water Therapy Day’ Celebration is on 19th November 2014

November 18, 2014 , Jose Pinto Stephen (

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V 4 H2O is going to celebrate its first WorldWater Therapy Day on Wednesday, 19th November 2014 and people from many countries have been campaigning for this mission. V 4 H2O is derived from V for we, 4 from for, and H2O is water. The idea behind the event is to create awareness among people to understand the importance of drinking water for a better health.

Mr. Murli Menon is the founder of ‘World Water Therapy Day’. Murli Menon is from Thiruvazhiyad, Nemmara in Palakkd, Kerala, India. At present he is working in Thailand as a School Teacher. His daughter is also working there as a school teacher in Chinagkham Withayakhom in Thailand. Mr. Menon is a former teacher in CSKM Public School, New Delhi and currently his wife is a teacher at this school.

Water Therapy Photos 2Murli Menon is the winner of United Nations World Water Day Photo Contest,2014. The photo of white Tiger Vijay(Controversial) of the Delhi Zoo by Menon helped him to win the contest. This inspired Menon to start a World Water Therapy Day.The slogans of this campaign are ‘Water for Heath’ and ‘Water for Life’. These campaigns are also meant for the people who have got addicted with bed coffee and bed tea and they can slowly be dragged into the habit of drinking water and thereby replace the hot beverages to have a good health.

In the celebration, the organizers have requested the members ofthe public to drink two glasses of water in the morning in an empty stomach and one glass of water in the night, before going to bed. There are many advantages by drinking water in the morning in an empty stomach. When you wake up after a long sleep, your body is naturally dehydrated. No matter how much water you drank the day before, you have used it up and it’s time to refill the tank. Drinking water after waking up will flush out unwanted toxins from your body.Drinking water just after waking up will help your metabolism also. Without water, your brain is not going to function at its optimal level.

Drinking water when you wake up will not only cure dehydration but it will help to relieve constipation, help to keep you regular and promote a morning bowel movement. It will make our skin glow, renew cells, lose weight, purify the colon.

It also cures illness and diseases which includesas vomiting, throat disease, menstrual and cancer disorders, eye diseases, diarrhea, urine disease, kidney disease, meningitis, TB, Arthritis, headaches and so on.

Drinking water before going to bed helps your body to replenish the fluids it loses throughout the day from normal activity. Your body will begin to work extra hard to warm up,and you are naturally balancing your body’s vitamins, nutrients and minerals when you drink water, replenishing all that it burns up and keeping you functioning correctly.

Water Therapy Photos 11The idea of World Water Therapy was born in the mind of Mr. Murli Menon and then he discussed with many friends and like-minded people from different parts of the world. As per Menon, “In this campaign we are not focusing on curing or healing diseases but now only focusing on the advantages of drinking normal pure water”.

More than 14 countries have Chief Campaigners to promote this idea and tocelebrate it. The important people in this celebration includes educationists, Dr. Shakuntla S Jaiaman, Dr. Tawat ChumChob, Ms. Supawan Khamwang,Ms. Patumrat Khamsaen and Ms. Gabriela Deut.

There are journalists in this team like Mr. Manash Pratim Gohain, Mr. George Kalluvayil, Mr. Anand Kumar, Mr. Carlos Hidalgo and Jose Pinto Stephen. The other promoters are Advocate Mr. Ashish, Ms. Medami Matsui (sports), Mr. Lazer Fernandez Manuel(Care India Foundation) and other NGOs like DEEKSHA, Nada India Foundation, Save the Earth and De Duars Express mail etc.

Murli Menon is the Chief Coordinator and Founder of this idea and thecelebration. Their mission also includes supporting the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals framed by the United Nations. More information is available on the facebook page “World Water Therapy Day’ and it is also uploaded avideo on You Tube. The campaign is mainly through face book to attract the youth segments.

To know more about and to support the World Water Therapy Day Please contact Murli Menon Ph: +66820029872, E-mail:


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