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A Dreamer’s journey through meeting and farewell experiences

February 20, 2015 , Jose Pinto Stephen

Dreamers3‘Dreamers’ is the first poem I ever wrote in my life. I never thought I could be a poet or a writer one day. But Finally I became a poet, writer and a freelance journalist, photographer and a photojournalist. So many titles and that make me happy. During my school days college studies I was not interested in poetries. In reality I couldn’t understand the inner meanings of those pomes I have to read as part of my studies. So I read all of them for the sake of getting through the examinations. And I tried to avoid reading other poems, which are not part of our syllabus.

But my later life taught me many things. Some of the lessons were joyful and some were painful. I need something, which can help me to release all those feelings and emotions from my chest. It made me to start writing my feelings on my notebooks.

The poem “Dreamers” was born at a night while I was working in a Psychiatric hospital. On a silent night I was assigned to work in the night shift. My mind was filled with sad thoughts and during the break time I felt like copying and pasting my sad feelings on a piece of paper. Next day I showed it to some of co-workers. After reading it they said they loved that write up. Some of them advised me to polish it little bit and they assured me that if I do it, it will become a good poetry.

So I did make some changes and published it in online in poetry site. Thus my first poetry was born and it got so much attention from the outside world. I could write some more poems during that season and I will share it with you some time later. In the meantime I would love to hear your feedback about “Dreamers.”

Here I am presenting it for you.

Dreamers Titile

Thanks for reading it. I also dreamed, as it will get wide attention and one day someone will come forward and give music to this poem. If anyone can help me with this let me know. There are many articles written about Dreams and the dream analysis. So I am not writing more about that topic. Instead I want to share my ideas on Love, Meeting and Farewell experiences. I am sure most of you have a lot to tell about these feelings or emotions and experiences.

I remember the old saying, “Meeting is Joyful and Departure is Painful.” I know some meetings or encounters are painful too. But meeting the ones who are very dear to us is always a joyful experience and saying farewell to them is really a painful experience. I do remember one of my friends saying ‘now a days I am not interested in meeting new friends. I can’t tolerate when the time comes for them to say Goodbye. I am already gone through so much sad moments like that. If they can’t stay with me for ever, I prefer not to meet them at all.’

twins india with pinto 052Here the poet (this writer) is finding it hard to accept the realities and wish to be immersed in his own dreams and fantasies. Accepting some realities is not at all an easy task. Sometimes Truth hurts. And it breaks our hearts. It will create bleeding in our hearts. Some serious issues can break our hearts into many little pieces and it will take a long time for fixing that brokenness. Sometimes it will last until our own departure from this world. So we should be careful when we have to present some realities to others. We should be skilled enough to present it well so that it won’t make the recipient upset.

Here the writer wishes and pray that the departing lover gets all the best that God can give. This reveals us the depth of that relationship. He can’t curse her and or wish her something bad to happen. In true love hatred and cursing have no place. There you can see blessings and sacrifices only. A true lover will always pray for the best thing to happen in his or her lover’s life.

It is true in whatever good relationships we can imagine. Relationship between the parents and their children, relationships between the siblings, relationships between the relatives and friends also you can see this frankness if those relationships are based on real and unconditional love.

At the end of this poem you can see the poet is wishing that his lover still love him back and it is because of some unavoidable situations and reasons she is leaving him and pretending, as she doesn’t love him anymore. And he think she will remain in his dreams and heart forever even though he might not see her anymore. Let us offer this good wish for our entire dear ones who were with us and left us already.

Death of our dear ones is the most painful experience we can have in our lives. Death will take away our dear ones forever and ever and we won’t be able to meet them again in this life. But one who believes in God and the afterlife we still have hope to meet them again. One of my co-workers liked this poem very much and asked me permission to print it in the memory card she is planning to print on death the anniversary of one of her dear ones. I gave her permission and she was so happy about it.

Let me know how does the message in this poem affects you or it relates to your own life. If you have similar experiences were you able to overcome those painful experiences? If so, could you please share what helped you to have that healing in your heart? Let us try to support and help each other to bring back some joys and tranquility in our hearts.


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