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A moment with Hon. Ambassador Samantha power

June 4, 2015 , Jose Pinto Stephen (

UntitledAmbassador Samantha Power is the Permanent Representative of the United States Mission to the United Nations. All the Nations affiliated with the UN have their own permanent missions in the UN. These teams represent their countries in the UN in decision-making processes and other activities of the UN.  The leaders of these permanent missions have the status of an Ambassador.  Ambassador Samantha Power is also a member of President Obama’s Cabinet.

She is an immigrant from Ireland and she came to USA when she was only nine years old. She went to high school and then went to college in USA. She started her career as a journalist, reporting from places such as Bosnia, East Timor, Kosovo, Rwanda, Sudan, and Zimbabwe, and contributed regularly to The Atlantic Monthly, The New Republic, the New York Review of Books, and The New Yorker Magazine.

And she was a professor in Harvard University and later Served in the US Government for some years. Now she is the Head of the Permanent Mission of the US in the United Nations.

Last year I attended a high level meeting in New Jersey and Ambassador Samantha Power was the Keynote speaker at that event. Her speech was very inspirational and since then I wished to meet her in person.

And that day approached me all of a sudden.  I was attending the Youth event ‘ 20th Anniversary of the World Programme of Action For Youth’ in The UN. During one of the breaks I was chatting with Jean Paul Laurent, an emergingYouth leader form Haiti. Read more about him from his website

While chatting with him I also opened the Ipad and started to check the messages. There I found a posting by Samantha Power. I just looked at her photo and started to read the message. Then By some reason I felt like looking to the left side. I saw a lady and a man walking so fast towards the other direction.  My mind said ’She looks like Samantha Power’ and then I murmured it to Jean. He also got excited and murmured back, ’Can we take a picture with her?’  “Why Not, Let us go”, I replied.

Then we started to walk faster than Samantha Power. Within a very short time we reached close to them and Jean asked them ‘Ms. Samantha, Can we please take a photo with you?” The Officer with her just turned to us and said, “No, We are going for some important meeting and we can’t stop for a photo”.

Then She looked at us and somehow she could not send us back. She said, ”Ok. Please take the photos as fast as you can. We have to go.”

We took the photos so fast as we can and in the very next moment they resumed their walk for some important meeting.

IMG_2681_2 Jose and Jean at the UN_2

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