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Huge Crowd proudly turns out to celebrate B.R. Ambedkar’s 125th Birthday Anniversary at INOC, USA Celebration

June 9, 2015 , INOC (I) USA

20150604_155311_resizedAt a grand function organized by the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA (INOC) on last Thursday night,  a huge crowd turned out to celebrate the 125th Birthday Anniversary Celebration at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey.   The guests had another wonderful reason to be happy in that the President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee from India Shri Arjun Modhwadia had been invited to grace the occasion.

The General Secretary of INOC, USA, Mr. Harbachan Singh in welcoming the Chief Guest Shri Arjun Modhwadia and the attendees, elaborated on the scholarly achievements of the principal architect of the Constitution of India which is one of the greatest edicts that the world remains proud of to this day. Bharat Ratna was posthumously awarded to Baba Sahib Bhimrao Ambedkar ji in 1990.

Mr. Singh said that the Indian voters have come of age, and they will no longer be satisfied with empty campaign promises. They are willing to give different parties a chance but will not hesitate to throw them out if they fail to perform or live up to their promises.  He recounted the string of outstanding achievements of the Indian Congress Party and attributed its great success to statesmen-like visionaries and leaders who always heeded to the pulse of the nation while being mindful of the challenges of the future.

The President of INOC USA Mr. Juned Qazi, introduced the Chief Guest and thanked everyone for showing up in such big numbers.  He was pleased to see TV and media coverage of the event.  He expressed full satisfaction at the high level of confidence and enthusiasm of the Congress Party supporters and promised to remain vigilant. He spoke proudly of the outstanding leadership of Shri Modhwadia ji.

Packaging and repackaging of Congress policies and programs are not going to win medals for the Modi Government, said Modhwadia ji, as with continuing to make promises which you  cannot or have no intention of keeping.   He cautioned BJP against knowingly making sweeping false and irresponsible statements on the performance of the Congress government.  The Indian janta knows better than that and it will forgive anyone doing that.  In his 30 minute address, which was punctuated with applause many times, he convinced the audience that the Indian voter demands accountability and not rhetoric. The audience was visibly fire up by his speech.

From the podium, Mr. Harbachan Singh advised Shri Modhwadia ji that he was pleased to announce that Mr. Anil Patil’s candidature was under process for the post of President of the Gujarat Chapter of INOC, USA and that as soon as his confirmation is announced, we will advise him and conduct the inauguration ceremony.  He appealed for his co-operation and collaboration with the Gujarat Chapter and INOC, USA.

Mr. Harkesh Thakur, Mr. Ram Gadula, Mr. Mahesh Patil, Mr. Bharat Patil and Mr.Peter Khotari, also spoke and enthralled the audience.

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