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Former PPCC President Shri H.S. Hanspal meets supporters in New York

July 1, 2015 , INOC (I) USA

SONY DSCFormer President of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee Shri H.S. Hanspal, who was instrumental to the writing of milestones in “Punjabi” along with English and Hindi in the state of Haryana, amongst various other significant changes that he brought about during his term, was feted by the Indian National Overseas Congress (INOC, USA). here in New York on Saturday June 27, 2015 at the Diwan Restaurant, Patel Plaza, Hicksville in Long Island where almost fifty Congress supporters and friends gathered around at a very short notice to honor the visiting dignitary.

General Secretary of INOC, USA Mr. Harbachan Singh in welcoming him recalled some of the significant achievements of the Chief Guest, which were applauded by the attendees and requested him to continue to provide his valuable advice and leadership to the party at this critical juncture.

The President of the Punjab Chapter Mr. Tejinder Singh Gill thanked him for accepting the invitation and pleaded for the rapid resolution of some of the ills, e.g., alcoholism, that were holding back the rapid development of Punjab and asked for the an effective link between NRIs and the Punjab Congress party to work jointly.

The Chairman of INOC Mr. George Abraham and the President of INOC Mr. Juned Qazi both spoke at length on the steadfastness and the solid strength of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA and pointedly elaborated on the esteemed value and unwavering support of each of the senior officials of the party apparatus in New York. They also recounted some of the significant achievements of INOC, USA over the recent past.

Senior Vice President Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, Mr. John Joseph, President of the Tamil Nadu Chapter and Mr. Zinda Singh, President of the Delhi Chapter, and other officials such as Mr. Prasad Kambhampathy also welcomed him and spoke on the current need to strategize and reinforce the party with new enthusiasm and vigor. Prof. Inderjit Saluja of Indian Panorama also lauded the Chief Guest for his years of dedicated service to the nation.

Shri H.S. Hanspal was highly impressed at the unity and deep commitment of the INOC,USA and its officials. In his very inspirational speech, he said that when the chips are down, you have shown political maturity to not lose hope but instead has inspired others here and in India to remain strong. He said he will take back this very encouraging and comforting fact to appraise the senior officials back home. He added that you not only have a very important role to play in the development of both better relations between India and USA but also help in various ways the motherland and its development. He praised the hardworking NRIs and the contribution they were making and regretted that not enough attention has been paid to them by New Delhi. He informed the audience that his doors were always open in New Delhi and welcomed everyone to visit him when they were visiting home.

Mr. Harbachan Singh, General Secretary


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