‘The United Nations International Day of Peace’ celebrated at New York City

UN International Day of Peace and Birthday of Jose Pinto Stephen 29

On 21st September, we gathered at Desi Galli Indian Restaurant in New York City to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Peace. Since 2001 the International Day of Peace is being celebrated on 21st September all over the world. The International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by resolution 36/67 of the United Nations General Assembly to coincide with its opening session, which was held annually on the third Tuesday of September.

The first Peace Day was observed in September 1982. The General Assembly voted unanimously in 2001 to adopt resolution 55/282 establishing 21 September as an annual day of non-violence and cease- fire.

The theme of International Day of Peace 2015 was “Partnerships for Peace- Dignity for All”. Though we gathered here as an informal group, we are determined to create a strong network of like minded peace loving people to stand together and do something to make peace is possible in our present world. Soon we will have follow up gatherings. All are welcome to join us in our efforts to make it a reality.

The event was started with the conch shell blowing by Guru Dileepji. He is a Yoga Master and Interfaith Promoter.


Then Sr. Teresa Kotturan SCN leads us in a beautiful prayer for peace. Sr. Teresa is theNGO Representative at the UN and she belongs to the ‘Sisters of Charity Federation’    http://www.scnfamily.org/

Manya Naidu, former Film Actress from India, inaugurated the Peace Day. She resides in New York and in the Inauguration speech she said,  “Peace is possible only if you start by making peace with your own inner self and then extend it to your family, friends and eventually to the whole world. Peace goes hand in hand with tolerance and forgiveness.”

Varughese Mathew welcomed the participants and said, “The world needs more peace loving leaders and diplomats. Unfortunately we don’t have enough people in that list and we should do something from our side to create new leaders with the hunger for peace and diplomatic skills.” Varughese Mathew Is the President of Justice For All and Kerala Samajam of Staten Island.  http://www.jfaamerica.com/

Hon. Antonio N Sabas delivered the keynote speech. He gave out a beautiful message. A brief content of his speech was, “Though we belongs to different religions, cultures, belief systems, we can see some common factors in everything. That keeps us united. In our own families, we argue, and sometimes even fight with each other. But at the end of the day we make up peace between us. The whole mankind is a big family and we should learn how to reconcile and make peace in our big family.” Antonio Nico Sabas was a 2014 independent candidate who sought election to the U.S. Senate from New Jersey.

International Model Prakash Patil made a special appearance and said, “Though I had a very busy schedule today, I found time to come to this event because of the importance of this event. I wish and pray that World Peace will be a reality soon.”

Jose Pinto Stephen (This writer), the freelance journalist and photographer celebrated his birthday on this day and opinioned as,“ I am so glad that I was born on this day. I feel like I have a special role to play to make sure we will live in a peaceful world. We should work for peace within our hearts and then share it with the outer world. Then peace will be a reality in our planet.”

Tom George Kolath, the filmmaker and actor opinioned as, “In the journey of life we meet many people. Some we say hi and bye, but only a few we carry close to our hearts throughout this life journey. Since Jose Pinto Stephen was born on this special day, he is restricted to do anything other than peace.”  www.tomgeorgekolath.com

As Per Shihas Abdulla (IT Professional), “We should cross the man made boundaries and elevate ourselves as Global Citizens. Then we will see World Peace.”

Lijo John, another IT Professional delivered the vote of thanks and said, “Peace is a gift from God and we should share that gift with others.”

As per Annie Libu, “Peace and Justice goes hand in hand. When we fight for Justice, we are fighting for Peace.” Annie is the PRO of Justice For All.

Model Liga (Model) and her husband Valdis(Actor) sung a beautiful birthday song in Latvian language as part of the birthday celebration of Jose Pinto Stephen.

At this occasion, we want to thank each and every participants of this great event. We want to thank PriaVanada Chouhan, the owner of Desi Galli Indian Restaurant and all the staff of this restaurant.  http://www.desi-galli.com/

The names of other participants are Megumi Sabas, Steven Chelliah (Music Director and Singer), Don Thomas (IT Professional and Entrepreneur), Mitrahs Rajan Cheeran (Mitrah’s Arts), Dr. Mitrahs Shiraz Yussaf (Mitrah’s Arts) Ronald Christopher (Student, NYU), Anand Patole(Musician and Artist), Sylwia (Paralegal) and Marialena ( Entrepreneur).

Christina Chelliah was the EMCEE of the event. She is a Lawyer by Profession and a Model, Actress, Singer and Dancer by passion. She said, ”It is an honor and privilege to be the EMCEE of this event. I always wish to contribute my skills for World Peace”.  http://www.christinachelliah.com/

One more personal opinion. We should think about a Theme Song for the United Nations. Almost every country in the world has a National Anthem and why there is no such song for the UN? Then we can sing it in the UN events and UN related events.

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