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A Strong UN Means a Better World: Jose Pinto Stephen

December 23, 2015 , Jose Pinto Stephen (

IMG_8609I do love to attend the events in the UN. I do want you to do the same. I am not an elected official or staff member of the UN. But I want to invite you all to the UN and do support and strengthen the United Nations. UN belongs to us all and we have to play a role to make it strong and effective.

Especially at this time of the history it is a great need. We see darkness across the globe and we need to do something. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. So think about it. Supporting the UN is one of the effective solutions for the problems in the world.

During my School years I did dream of visiting the UN and working there. Now first part became real and I am not sure about the second part. Lots of my friends asked me whether I am working in the UN or not.  I just told them ‘Not Yet’. Still I have that dream and I am trying for it.

My facebook page is filled with lots of photos from the UN events. I also got chances for some of my friends to attend the events at the UN.  Until recently I was also thinking as the United Nations is meant for diplomats and high-level political and or social leaders only. Now I know it is not true. If I can get the access why can’t you also to get the access?

Here I am presenting you a small youtube video titled “ A Strong UN Means a Better World’. I made it using my Ipad. So please ignore the picture quality. Just focus on the message. Let me know your feedback.

If you want to attend the UN events I can help you to get the passes. Let me know about it as well.

IMG_0305 IMG_5091 IMG_6505 Un Youth Event 1

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