INOC Chair slams elimination of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs

Logo‘The sudden decision to eliminate the Overseas Indian Affairs Ministry is an affront to the Non-Resident Indians around world, especially to those in the Middle Eastern countries, who live and work under very difficult circumstances’ said George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA.

Notwithstanding, any of the disappointments in the conduct of the ministry in the past few years, the very existence of the office, created by the UPA Government, was considered a symbol of concern, care and service to those who leave India looking for job or other educational opportunities.

The merging of the Overseas Affairs Ministry with External Affairs may result in reduced attention to the needs and aspirations of a large block of Indian citizens who are making vital contributions to the well beings of a nation through foreign exchange earnings and with Investment and transfer of technologies.

Instead of eliminating the Ministry, Modi Government ought to have strengthened it through better legal framework and additional financial resources. I applaud the terminated Ministry for providing leadership and assistance in initiatives such as NRI voting rights and standing firm as a vanguard to prevent worker exploitation abroad of Indian Citizens.

‘BJP government ought to reveal its true intention in the closure of the ministry and the so-called explanation that bureaucracy in External Affairs will be sufficient to deal with all possible exigencies may not rhyme with reality.’ the statement added.

George Abraham, Chairman

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