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Connecticut Police Officer who saved a 5 year old child’s life in 1998 attended her College Graduation in 2016 !

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Hartford police officer Peter Getz with Josi Aponte

A heart-warming story today from the Hartford Courant – In 1998, Hartford, Connecticut police officer Peter Getz was on patrol when a dispatch was received for a fire at an apartment building. Fire crews found two people inside- her cousin Jofrey and 5 year old Josibelk Aponte.

Dispatch had advised them that the ambulance was 10 minutes away. Too long to wait. The little girl had gone into cardiac arrest. Getz snatched up the unresponsive child, and as his partner drove, he performed CPR on her in the back seat of the patrol car. By the time they got to the hospital, she was breathing on her own.

The Hartford Courant reported, “I’m one cog in that wheel, from the dispatchers, to the firefighters who risked their lives to go in and bring her out,” Getz said. “We all did what [we were] trained to do that day; it’s not just about me. That’s how this process is supposed to work, that’s why we wear [the] uniforms we wear.”

Aponte woke up hours later, surrounded by her family and the first responders who saved her. They would be a common sight in the days to come.

Screenshot-2016-06-02-16.24.42Getz and his colleagues organized aid for the family, getting Bob’s Furniture to donate items and raising money to help bring the remains of Jofrey – who succumbed to his injuries days later – home to Venezuela.

Getz became a surrogate uncle for her, even giving her a teddy bear that she still keeps as a remembrance. After some years of separation, the now retired Detective and the no-longer-little girl college student reconnected via Facebook. “I almost died, but I was given a second chance at life. And it was because of Peter and all the authorities, everyone who came to help that day.” Josi Aponte to the Hartford Courant.

Josi, now 23, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Eastern Connecticut State University with a degree in accounting. And she invited the retired police officer to attend the ceremony.

For his part, the retired policeman is proud of her. They meet regularly for lunch, and after they talk about kids and dogs, discussions have turned to her future, since she has a degree and a job.

The Washington Post quoted Getz as saying “Pretty proud of her, for all the adversity that she has overcome. Both physically and mentally, having to go through that, and losing one of your loved ones, that you were very close to. That she had stayed the course and that she had come out as a shining star.” Peter Getz.

Source: Inside Edition

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