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Former Union Home Minister Shinde launches Maharashtra Chapter of INOC, USA

in-1Shri  Sushil Kumar Shinde, an ex-Chief Minister of Maharashtra and former Home Affairs of India formally launched the Maharashtra Chapter of INOC, USA on Aug. 16, 2016, at an animated gathering at a prestigious Manhattan Restaurant and inaugurated Devendra Vora as its new President.   Mr. Vorah hails from Maharashtra and has been an active supporter of the Congress Party and its ideology for a long time.

In his speech, Shindeji urged the Congress supporters not to lose heart but to continue to work hard to earn people’s trust again. ‘Congress was in similar predicaments before but always came back when people realized that Congress party is their best option to keep political tranquility at home while achieving sustained growth.’ He recollected efforts as Home Minister in dealing with various domestic upheavals and expressed doubts that the current Government is pursuing proper strategies that could bring peace and harmony at home. He also agreed with current assessment within the party that it hadn’t done a great job communicating its achievements to the public at large and hoping to do a better job in the future.

After welcoming the Chief Guest and Shri Sangat Singh Gilzian, MLA from TANDA URMUR District of Punjab, Mr. Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General of INOC, USA, thanked both dignitaries and the distinguished guests for gracing the event.  He dwelt in some detail upon some of the landmark achievements of the Congress party and how it had transformed India as one of the leading countries of the world.  “India is more connected today than it has ever been – networks of railways, roads, airlines, information, communication, people and media where new ideas emerge, develop and take flight very rapidly,” he said.   He opined that youth which forms a great chunk of India’s population would undoubtedly unleash their talent and energy through modern technology and play a greater role in forming future governments.  He reminded that the Indian people have and will continue to throw out governments that fail them and which does not fulfill campaign promises.

Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian facilitated the new Chapter officers and members and was happy to see them join the dozen other Chapters already established since a long time.

Mr. George Abraham, Chairman, felicitated the Chief Guest and lauded his brilliant career in politics from his humble beginnings to becoming the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Governor of Andhra Pradesh and the Home Minister of India. He congratulated the newly appointed President of Maharashtra Chapter Mr. Vora and wished him and Ms. Malini Shah (Chairperson) well in their development of the chapter.

Mr. Sangat Singh Gilzian, was very appreciative of the work of INOC, USA and reassured everyone that the Congress party alone, with its rich long experience and established institutions, can provide maximum benefits to the people and develop the country not only to keep pace with the advanced countries of the world but also to compete with them effectively. He was proud that some of the best talents in the world in every sphere of human activity, science, and technology, were trained in India.  He said that the foundation laid by the Congress Party is very strong, and it had already embarked on eradicating irrational red-tape and outdated laws which were suffocating India of the speed of progress it desired so critically.

The placing of the Shawl on Mr. Devendra Vora, amidst a big applause, by Shri Shindeji, highlighted the event.

Mr. Devendra Vora ji, thanked, Shri Shindeji, Shri Sangat Singh ji and INOC, USA for the confidence and the responsibility entrusted to him.  He vouched that he took his responsibilities seriously and would do his best to live up to their expectations.

Mr. Zach Thomas (Vice-Chairman), Mr. Harry Singh (Joint Secretary), Mr. Subash Kapadia, Mr. Mohammed Islam, Mr. Arvind Vora, Ms. Priscilla Pinto, Ms. Megha Mehta, Ms. Hema Virani Mr. Rajesh Joshi, , Mr. DiveshTripathi, Mr. Kaushik Dave, and Mr. Peter Shah were amongst the many prominent dignitaries who attended.

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