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INOC, USA rallies to strongly support the efforts of the Punjab Congress Party in the upcoming State Elections

November 1, 2016

20161030_163402New York: On October 30, 2016, on the auspicious day of Diwali and “BandiChoodh” at New York a very important large gathering of leaders and supporters of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA unanimously declared their full and unequivocal support for the Punjab Congress Party in the State Elections. All the burning issues of concern were emphasized.

Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA welcomed the members and participants and assured all present that Punjab Congress Party was flying high and that the Punjab Congress Party President Capt. Amrinder Singh and his team were working in full force and top gear. This was amply evident from the great confidence and cooperation that they were receiving from all the party members all over Punjab. This confidence is vital. Also, he reminded, at this time the value of lands in Punjab is decreasing, and things, in general, are getting from bad to worse. He added that Capt. Amrinder Singh is following a very strict rule that he had made that only one seat shall be given to a family and the people are content with this ruling.

Mr. George Abraham, Chairman of INOC, USA explained at length the virtues of the Congress Party which was established by great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He explained how the party worked so hard for the people in the past and made so much of progress for the country. He appealed everyone to unite and assist the Punjab Congress Party individually or collectively with their friends and family back home. The Punjab State elections are expected to take place in February 2017.

Mr. Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General of Indian National Overseas Congress, USA narrated a litany of issues troubling the State of Punjab and explained how the present government was derelict in not attending or inadequately attending to them. Corruption, drugs, and unemployment were listed high on the list of deep concerns and fear of hooliganism was affecting the security level of the people. In the villages, the number of suicides was increasing and Punjab being a border state with Pakistan, was made to bear colossal damages and sufferings, as well as the residents, were being uprooted and displaced from their homes for indefinite periods. A worrisome fact was that Punjab was slowly buried under huge state debt. Lethargic government bureaucracy was using antiquated laws and procedures so much so that many Non-resident Indians were not willing to invest in Punjab and that some foreign companies were also closing down and moving out causing unemployment problems. The YSL river water issue was also not solved properly. He strongly believed that only the Congress Party under Capt. Amrinder Singh can solve such problems well and that the Capt. has a track record to prove it. His new Congress Manifesto is full of descriptions of programs to successfully deal with each such problem.

Mr. Tejinder Singh Gill, President of the Punjab Chapter, appealed everyone to make sure they contact each member and friend back home in Punjab and advise them on the virtues and how good the Congress Party was and how good it was in solving the concerns and issues that were weighing heavily on the progress of Punjab. He assured them that if each member of their family could do so the same thing, the Punjab Congress Party will most certainly win. He also noted that human rights issues also needed to be addressed which Capt. Amrinder Singh could handle exceedingly well.

Mr. Jasvir Singh emphasized the importance of wrestling strongly with drug issues. He said that the youth in Punjab, in particular, had become victims of drugs which has affected the social fabric of the society. He advised everyone to set aside some of their valuable time to pay attention to needs of the state of Punjab and its people.

To be noted that while these and other speeches were going on, they were interrupted by a loud burst of slogans of support such as “Nashahatao, Captain Laeao” and, “Capt Leao, Punjab bachao”. The crowd seemed duly enthusiastic highly fired up and totally ready to act.

Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General,

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