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Jubilant crowd in USA welcomes Capt. Amarinder Singh’s party’s landslide victory in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections

March 13, 2017

inocNew York: A large crowd of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA officials, members and supporters welcomed the long-awaited news of Capt. Amarinder Singh’s party’s landslide victory (77/117) in the state elections in Punjab.

Led by Harbachan Singh, Secretary-General of INOC, USA, loud chants of “Congress Party Zindabad, and Capt. Amarinder Singh Zindabad,” resonated in the hall where a large gathering had assembled. He congratulated the gathering andannounced”, “Congress party has scored a phenomenal success. The vibrant Congress spirit is fully focused again. There is no stopping now.” Singh, who congratulatedparty president Sonia Gandhi and each MLA for his or her victory, was addressing the assembly in the absence of George Abraham, Chairman and Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of INOC, USA. who were both in Punjab to welcome the election results.

Tejinder Singh Gill, Senior Vice President, Karamjit Singh Dhaliwal, Vice President, and Jasvir Singh Nawanshr, President of Punjab Chapter of INOC, USA greeted the crowd and thanked everyone for their hard work and expressed full confidence in the great leadership of Capt. Amarinder Singh. They believed that the enthusiasm which Capt. Amarinder Singh witnessed in New York during his last visit strengthened his resolve to fight harder for the people. It was acknowledged that Mohinder Singh Gilzian and Tejinder Singh Gill had spent considerable time meeting people in Punjab. Others had kept in touch with their relatives and friends from here.

Harbachan Singh declared thatvoters are very educated now and know how to stand for their rights and for what is right. The respect for truth and integrity is on the riseas evidenced by the social media stronghold.“Let’s therefore stand up and roll up the sleeves now and respond to the Capt.’s call, “he added. The Capt. wants to hit the ground running andimmediately begin work on his progressive agenda and with the help of science and technology, bring hope and relief to people. The Congress Party is over 127 years old and has the most experience of all the political parties in India. “Economic recovery is paramount,”the Capt. laid out, “and it is the will of the people that shall guide his administration in all areas, using state of the art strategies, in the creation of jobs, improving health and education system, eliminating drugs, increasing development, dealing severely with corruption, encouraging industries, modernizing agriculture, transportation and infrastructure, etc.”

Several prominent community leaders took the rostrum and spoke passionately about the dire needs of Punjab which had been neglected for the past 10 years and which, for sure, will be addressed now.Kulbir Singh, Jagir Singh, Piara Singh Bernala, Harminder Singh Panam, Ms.MalaniSshah, Harry Singh, Ms.JayaSundram, John Joseph, Baldev Singh, Rajesh Alladad, Ms.Leila Maret, Shangara Singh Rana and Devindra Vora were amongst the many important speakers.

Harbachan Singh


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