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Pioneer Social Service Program celebrates 3rd Anniversary

December 28, 2017 , George Abraham

pioneer-volunteersReport of the Activities and Services for 2017                                 

December 21, 2017

History:On November 15, 2014, at a meeting of the Pioneer Club of Keralites in North America, a new initiative was undertaken to identify social problems and issues faced by Keralites and to develop methods and services to address them. During the subsequent meetings, theMission, Goals, Objectives and Action Plan for this new initiative were developed.

The Goalsof the initiative are to reach out to the homebound and socially isolated, and to provide support services and education to individuals and families in need.

Objectives and Methodinclude formation of a team of Volunteers, visits to persons and families in need, and provision of support services to address the problems.

The Pioneer Club Volunteers: Currently there are 27 enrolled Volunteers. We are trying to get more volunteers enrolled and trained.

The Pioneer Volunteers Meetings in 2017: The Pioneer Volunteers have been meetingmonthly in the Kerala Kitchen Conference Hall, to review and discuss the services provided and develop ways to increase and improve the services.

Services provided

Telephone calls, Counseling, Telephone counseling, Alcohol related counseling, Home visit, Hospital visit, Nursing Home visit, Rehab visit, Death/ Bereavement Services, Funeral Home visit, Benefits counseling, Emotional support, Transportation assistance, Shopping assistance, Educational guidance, Food assistance, Family counseling, Financial guidance,  Physical assistance, Referral services, Retirement advice

Problems and needs for which services were provided:

Medical illness and Hospitalization, Surgery and recovery, financial problems, Death and Bereavement, Wake and funeral assistance, Alcoholism and family issues, Chronic illness, Home bound with social isolation, Disabled family member, After death issues, Mental illness, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional problems (youth), Parental issues, Death anniversary, Hospice/ End stage, Home care issues, Vocational issues, Fund raising for Indian charitable agencies, Presentation and link services for Indian charitable organizations, Educational material for health care, Death benefit information, Mobility issues/ transportation, Liaison with other agencies, Unemployment guidance, College admission, Psychological assistance, retirement , Rehabilitation, Shopping, Child care problems.

Total number of services provided in 2017:   1028

Total number of persons/families who received services:  127

Future Plans:  Recruit and train more Volunteers, Reach out to Churches and Organization to enlist their cooperation in the initiative,provide more publicity to the program through media and through presentations.

Presented by: George Thaila, Director Pioneer Social Services – 917-516-312-1037
George Abraham, President, Pioneer Club
Jacob George, General Secretary
John Paul, Treasurer
Prof. Joseph Cheruvelil, Rev. Achoy Mathews, Mr. V.M. Chacko – Patrons

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