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Reply to some of the videos by Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan and Sasikala teacher insulting Christians and Christian faith

January 21, 2018 , Ninan Mathullah

Sasikala-Teacher-N1‘Sanaathana Dharmam’ or eternal truth you can find in all religions if your eyes are open. Threads of truth are in all religion. On the other hand if you are blinded by racism and superiority complex about your own religion, you will not see the truth. Here Gopalakrishnan sir is blinded by his own superiority complex and is misleading others. Or, is it to cover the inferiority complex that India could not contribute much to the world as others are marching ahead of us? Instead of boasting about our traditions, and what our ancestors have achieved or accomplished, we need to open our hand and work to benefit all. Thus our society and future generations will be proud of us in what we accomplished. Those who listen to this boasting are misled to live in the past.

You must have heard the story of four blind people forming a picture of an elephant in their minds four different ways depending on where they touched the elephant. Jesus said if the blind lead the blind both will fall. Gopalakrishnan Sir is blind to take Bible verses from here and there out of context and give that his own interpretation to mislead others in the video ‘Nan Bible vaayichu’. It is like the blind perceive an elephant different from the truth. He has vast knowledge on different subjects. But most of that knowlwdge is like the blinds have about elephant. We all have different understanding about different subjects. It is not necessary that all these understandings are true. We change our knowledge and understanding as we learn more about it or as time goes on. His views are myopic as he sees it through the eyes of BJP/RSS lens. He has become the spoke person for a small group of extremists or religious fanatics instead of following ‘Lokai samastha sukhino bhavanthu’. Instead of having a bird’s eye view of things of this world, and the place for different cultures and religion in it, the view here is that of a frog in the well. Hindus and Hinduism is the center of the world for him. God does not view things like that as for God all are his children. God assigned a time and place for each culture and religion here to be a blessing for others. Apart from the theology in different religions, all religions more or less agree on moral and ethics, or how to treat fellow human beings.

Because Hindus are the majority in India, and they hold the vast most of the wealth and influential positions in Government at all levels (legislature, Executive and judiciary), military and police forces, business and industry and the media. Still they are not happy, and are jealous of the little that minorities hold. Is it not pure selfishness as their name proclaims ‘Swayam Sevak’? It is fear and insecurity the reason for viewing people different from them as enemies. Fear and insecurity is rooted in lack of faith in God. Faith in God will make one love others irrespective of race and religion.Here are some arguments to refute the one sided or narrow view of Gopalakrishnan Sir after watching some of his videos.

Before the Aryans came to India and brought the Aryan religion to India, the religion of Dravidians in India was not Hindu religion. In the history of India, the methods Gopalakrishnan Sir is accusing others were used by Aryans to convert the Dravidians and Buddhists to their religion. To him, when Christian priests wear ‘Kaavi color’ they are stealing from Hinduism. How can an educated person talk like this? Persians during the Persian Empire time instituted the Aramaic language as the official language of India. Both Pali script and Devanagari script used to write Indian languages are derived from Aramaic script. Here it can be interpreted that Indians have stolen from Aramaic. More than 50 percent of words in English language are from other languages and culture as they took it when they came into contact with those cultures. It is ok to take good things from one culture. Apostle Paul says that to gain Greeks for Christ he became like a Greek in their customs and habits. The early Aryans to convert the Dravidians to Aryan religion adopted Siva a Dravidian god as an Aryan God. It looks like he has gone crazy with religion, and became a religious fanatic.

He views with suspicion other religions. So this suspicion he inject in to others to brainwash people and turn one group against the other that destroy communal harmony.

Just because a person changed religion the sky will not fall down. Sun will rise at the precise time and life will continue. We need to learn to love people around us irrespective of race and religion. BJP and RSS came to power with propaganda using religion and race. They watch with fear and insecurity when a person change religion as it affects their ability to play race and religion card to come to power. It is a lack of faith in God the root cause of fear and insecurity. Here Gopalakrishnan sir is identifying with BJP/RSS interests. He must have his own agenda in doing such things. Those who listen to him will be misled, especially when you listen to his one way Youtube videos and do not listen to the opposite side of it. This is pure propaganda. In some of the videos Sir is injecting poison into human minds against other religious believes. The right thing to do is face to face debate with knowledgeable people from the other side. Listening to these Youtube videos will only help to mislead people that are not critically thinking. Majority of people do not have the ability to think critically. So propaganda works to brainwash naïve people.

The same thing Gopalakrishnan sir is claiming about RSS can be said about SS of Hitler before it brought carnage and destruction of World War II. He has nothing to mention about the atrocities by RSS in India. He is blind to see it. He sounds like another Sasikala teacher now injecting poison into human mind turning one group against another as enemy. For some time it might go as planned. But in the end will bring only carnage and destruction. He is playing with fire.

RSS is ‘Rastreeya swayam Sevak Sangh’. RSS is there to serve ‘swayam’ or themselves or their own members. It is not to serve all as Jesus wants us to do. It came into being as Apostle Paul prophesied in 2 Timothy 3:1-5 that during last days before Jesus’ second coming people will become ‘swayam snehikal or lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters (as Gopalakrishnan sir is doing), arrogant and abusive, ungrateful (India’s current standard of living and GDP is the result of British rule and education by Christian missionaries as God made British rule for the progress of India), unholy and inhuman, Implacable, slanderers, profligates, brutes, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God holding to the outward form of holiness but denying its power (as RSS and many others conduct), and their judgement is coming soon. Those who are destined to eternal hell will get attracted to their philosophy and fall into their trap as it is their destiny or result of Karma. Those who do treat others around them well will escape from it. Please do not become amazed if they become strong and wealthy as God ordained it for them as they will miss eternity with God. We must do everything in our power to point out to them their folly lest we will be accountable for not doing it on the day of judgement.

Those people whom God ordained here on Earth to protect the faith and take care of the sheep against such attacks (Priestly class) from wolves, are they after stage and mike, or leading a carefree life in their dental towers? Don’t you see such videos to give a reply to them, or to educate sheep to watch out against such forces, or take initiative to stand united against such attacks, or to complain to authorities about such videos? By the time they notice, it will be too late. They have Bible verses to hide under it, to hide their cowardice when wolves attack sheep- ‘Show your other cheek’. ‘Show your other cheek’, is applicable only at a personal level. They conveniently forget the fact that Jesus had no problem to chase robbers and thieves from the temple with a whip.

About Sasikala teacher’s video

We have no government here to see this and take action against her and its organizers for encouraging communal violence? Just like Congress Party was lukewarm against such forces, Communist party also is lukewarm as many BJP/RSS supporters infiltrated both the parties that they can’t take action against her. Some of the Communist party members are basically BJP/RSS supporters in their heart’s heart. As she has ‘naavaattam’ and the mocking spirit abundantly it can mislead the naive among Hindus. But those who think critically will not fall into this trap. But majority of people do not think critically.

Those who are destined to perish in the communal violence will find her speech attractive. Jealousy against people of other faith is the driving force that makes her speech attractive to many. Because Hindus are the majority in India, and they hold the vast majority of the wealth and influential positions in Government at all levels (legislature, Executive and judiciary), military and police forces, business and industry and the media. Still they are not happy, and are jealous of the little that minorities hold. Is it not pure selfishness as their name proclaims ‘Swayam Sevak’? It is fear and insecurity the reason for viewing people different from them as enemies. Fear and insecurity is rooted in lack of faith in God. Faith in God will make one love others irrespective of race and religion.

RSS is ‘rashtreeya swayam sevak sangh’. They are here to serve ‘swayam’ or their on group or members and their political agenda. They are not here to serve the larger society. Bible prophesied that during end times such ‘swayam sevak’ groups will arise. During the end time race will oppose race and country will be at war with counties all over the world. She is preparing people for this violence. These forces will get strong and powerful. Do not be amazed about it. But ‘onnuranghiyathukondu neram velukkukayilla’. Let us wait and see the end result of this plan. Fairness and justice is the foundation of God’s principles. God the originator of ‘Sanadhana Dharmam; will not let ‘adharmam’ to succeed for ever. They might succeed for some time in their plans. Such instigation of communal violence will only lead to carnage and destruction. Communal violence of SS and Hitler and fascist forces eventually brought carnage and destruction to Hitler, SS and their supporters and the country. This is not the time to stay inert. Hitler and SS succeeded in organizing the majority to see their political agenda implemented. Those who stay inert will be held accountable in the last judgement. Do whatever you can to educate others of this poison spreading in the community. She is exploiting the insecurity and fear of people different from them as enemies.

For those who want to read reply to Bible criticism of its text, please read ‘Bibilinte Daivikatha- vimarsananghalkkulla marupadi’ by the same author available in OM Book stores in India. Also please listen to Youtube Video link here. ‘Manushan shrustiyo parinamamo’  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeoLjKwak8Q&t=783s. We need to learn to respect all religions, although each one is at a different level of understanding.



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