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April 15, 2018 , Dr. James Kottoor

James photoPriestly class & politics of liquor!

Joseph Padanamakal is a very dear friend of mine and much admired research writer on many burning issues of the day. So I read his article on Politics of liquor and the Priestly Class, also because of a note I received that it is a ‘must read’ article.

To be fair I must say he deals with all aspects of prohibition, but more in favour than against. I am neither for or against. For me, liquor or any drink is meant for use, not abuse. So my firm stand is: Legitimate use of everything, because every thing is  created for man, man for  Christ and Christ for God. You may substitute ‘Christ’  wtith ‘TRUTH’ to include also atheists. So what is needed is not prohibition of anything but promotion of the legitimate use, thus far and not futher, don’t allow the power of liquor to control you, but control the liquor within.

 To speak in  religious terms, Bible is full of balanced exhortations and example. Jesus was known as a wine biber, friend of drunkars and prostitutes, equally, no one could accuse him of sin, of being a drunkard or womeniser. He started his public life at Cana with a wine party and ended it with another at the last supper and said he will drink again only in heaven. Paul tell us ‘Eat or drink what ever is placed before you. And eat pork as much as you want in private and avlod doing it in public, if it causes scandal.

The brand name “Old Munk” is produced by a religious congregation who don’t touch liquor,  but produce clean and cheap for the benefit even of the poor. So produce unadulterated liquor cheap and available in plenty, so that no one runs after it. The forbidden fruit alone is the most soght after fruit.

 I am not here to counter every argument against use of liquor. That would require long articles. Padanamakal’s article also shows Pope Benedict drinking beer, the most favourite drink for Germans.  During the Second Vatican Council, they used to speak of “Bar Joha” (literally meaning, Son of Joha) but where Council fathers used to drop in for a sip to quench their thirst.

Resorting to prohibition is like treating the whole world like immature kids or teens. Of course many of our grown ups are worse than teens, just think of the rape of an eith year old and murdering her by goons.

So my advise is all of us should do our mighty ‘bit’ to educate and enlighten the general public; everyone teach one with word and example. Chesterton described birth control as “No births and no control” (meaning unlimited and uncontrolled sex with no logical results), similarly prohibition will produce only flooding the market with spurious liquor and destruction of public health. Eating and drinking of anything, too much will only destroy one’s stomach and health. So the golden rule is self-control, not controlling others.

Padanamakal’s article however is very usedful for the blind believers of ignorant Christians or Catholics led by their nose, by  the politics of their ignorant or crooked clericks. This is the considered view of this scribe, who considers himself a “know-nothing”, therefore readers may reject or accept it totally.

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