ENTRY INDIA Guide Launched in New York – Manufacturers of Products and Investors including Non-Resident Indians gather in New York City for the Launch of Entry India’s Guide

Photo: Release of the guide ENTRY INDIA at the Indian Consulate,, from l. to r. GOPIO Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham, USISPF COO Gaurav Verma, Entry India Senior Partner Navin Pathajk, Consul Devi Prasad Misra and Entry India Senior Partner Mahendra Pratap

New York: Entry India LLC in association Consulate General of India, New York and GOPIO International Chamber of Commerce (GICC), launched its Guide ‘ENTRY INDIA’ on September 5th at the Indian Consulate in New York. Over 100 businesses, investors and trade professionals participated in the event which also hosted a panel discussion on ‘Doing Business in India’

At the start of the event, Dr. Thomas Abraham, Chairman of GOPIO international (the largest association of PIOs and NRIs across the globe) provided opening remarks and noted Entry India’s commitment to position India as a business and investment destination of choice among US based manufacturers and investors. 

Dr. Abraham said, “Entry India’s guide [ENTRY INDIA] is indeed a first-of-its-kind publication ever to be introduced with such practical resources necessary for successfully launching new products and ideas in the Indian market”. He further said, “With the 5 panelists soon to talk on topics related to doing business in India, the insights available here offers tips and insights into creating business success in India.”

Mr. Devi Prasad Misra, Consul Trade at the Consulate General of India NY, in his keynote address said, “With India’s GDP growth in the proximity of 7.5%, ENTRY INDIA guide is very timely for the businesses looking at India for their business expansion.”

Entry India’s Senior Partner, Navin Pathak, also the Managing Editor of the ENTRY INDIA guide, talking about the business opportunities in India called India ‘The Galapagos of the Modern World’. He said, 

“People, especially college students, are ready to take risks with their ideas, ready to partner for new possibilities”. Adding further to the value proposition that the guide offers, he said, “It is the timely access to the reliable resources that yields business success in India and that is the purpose of the guide.”  The printed copies of the guide will be made available through many business associations whereas the online version of the guide is available for download from Entry India’s portal, http://entryindia.com/India_Business_and_Travel_Guide. The guide will soon be available on mobile app. 

Navin, from his first-hand experience, also touched upon how he found a partner in India, Baldeep S. Kwatra, and personally invested in and launched DRIKU – a mobile app for getting qualified drivers-on-demand – in Delhi, India. Dr. Mahendra Pratap, Senior Partner at Entry India LLC, shared about the technological strength of the DRIKU App – an Indian product – and how it will soon be launched in U.S.

Further, in support to Entry India’s goal of connecting US businesses and NRIs with opportunities in India, Navin shared about two other initiatives by Entry India:

1) Business Projects: Here, a US based manufacturer, for example, who is looking for distributors in India, can post about its product/s on Entry India’s portal which has over 35,000 comments by distributors, investors presenting their interest.

2) Internship Projects – ‘Apprentice’: Here, foreign companies especially owned by NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), who wants to give back to India, can submit projects on Entry India’s portal for students in Indian colleges.

The event concluded with the captivating panel discussion, ‘Doing Business in India’, which focused on topics related to selling US manufactured products in India, bringing Indian brands to the US market, role of Invest India’s team in assisting companies that want to manufacture their products in India and the ways in which Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) can benefit from India’s growth story. Panelists included Devi Prasad Misra (Consul Trade at Consulate General of India NY), Gaurav Verma (COO, USISPF), Ali Hirji (Senior Vice President, Citibank), Melissa Hill (Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce) and Prakash Shah (CEO, First Growth Mortgage and Realty Group).

The next Doing Business in India event will be hosted in the city of Edison, New Jersey in the month of November 2018. Dates and Venue will soon be announced on Entry India’s portal.

About Entry India:
Entry India is a New Jersey, USA based LLC founded in 2006 with the purpose of connecting small businesses world-wide to opportunities in India. Entry India helps you prepare with all aspects of doing business with India before, during, and after your India initiative.

Entry India is well-positioned to provide its clients the real business value, that is created through:

– Our knowledge of India business, cultural and socio-economic environment, and strong collaboration with local service providers.
– Entry India’s team which consists of both US and India based experienced R&D Staff, Entrepreneurs and Strategic Partners (including Industry Associations) who have experience in expanding business in India.

Photo: Panel on Doing Business in India, from l. to r., Entry India Senior Partner Navin Pathak, US Dept. of Commerce Trade Specialist Melissa Hill, Consul Devi Prasad Misra, USISPF COO Gaurav Verma, Citibank Senior VP Ali Hirji and First Growth Mortgage and Realty Group CEO Prakash Shah
Photo: GOPIO International Chairman Dr. Thomas Abraham speaking at the occasion. Standing next to him is Consul Devi Prasad Misra
Photo: Organizers, GOPIO officials and panelists at the launch, from l. to r.: Navin Pathak, Anand Ahuja, Nami Kaur, Melissa Hill, Consul Devi Prasad Misra, Gaurav Verma, Dr. Thomas Abraham, Rajul Shah, Dr. Mahendra Pratap, Prakash Shah, Mridul Pathak and Ali Hirji


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