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Catholic Laity Activities to strengthen National Level: CBCI Council for Laity

UntitledNew Delhi: Chevalier Adv. V. C. Sebastian, Secretary, CBCI Council for Laity announced that the action plan for Catholic Laity activities will be formulated to strengthen the Laity at the National Level.

The action plan is designed to strengthen Laity activities, to foster a spirit of unity in the Church so that the Laity will protect and support the interests of the Church thereby presenting and projecting the Church and her teaching in the world by word and deeds. This is needed in the light of the various challenges faced by the Church in India, to exercise and propagate her freedom as enshrined in the Constitution.

The Council for Laity calls upon the faithful of the Catholic Church and other Christian Churches to stand together, unified to face the challenges against Christian faith and morals.

The Council proposes to educate the Laity on the teaching of the Church, and the Vatican Council Documents, to enliven and rejuvenate the faithful. starting at the grass-root level of the Small Christian Communities and going up to the National level to foster a “We feeling” among them.

The Laity Council will harness the resources, both human and temporal, of the pious and Lay organizations to form a National Laity Team with representations from the 174 Catholic Dioceses. This team will be the “Laity face of the Church” in India.

The Council Secretary, Chev. Sebastian said that a national conference with Laity Commission representatives of 14 Regional Council of the CBCI, and Laity Commission Secretaries of the Latin, Syro-Malankara and Syro-Malabar Churches will be called together immediately to chalk out a national level action plan of the Council for Laity.

Shaiju Chacko
Office Secretary
Council for Laity

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