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Indian Overseas Congress, USA condemns undue and baseless attack on Mr. Sam Pitroda and the Congress Party.

March 25, 2019 , IOC Press Release

LogoThe Indian Overseas Congress strongly condemns the attack against the Chairman of the Overseas Congress Department of AICC and scientist Shri Sam Pitroda by Shri Narender Modi, BJP President Amit Shah, Arun Jaitley, senior BJP leaders and overseas BJP. Sam Pitroda had rightly asked the question on issue on Balakot attack as the majority of the foreign media, including reputed newspaper like New York Times has disputed the success in eliminating the terrorists as claimed by the Modi Government. Sam Pitroda has clearly said he appreciates the valor of our armed forces, especially the air force but as a citizen, he would like to know the facts on this issue. This was his personal view.

This statement from Sam Pitroda caused the entire BJP to react starting from the Prime Minister, who tweeted that Sam Pitroda and Congress was unwilling to respond to forces of terror, displaying a false sense of nationalism in taking claim for the attack. Arun Jaitley has claimed that the statement of Sam Pitroda will help Pakistan. One fails to understand the logic and response from such a senior leader. India needs better answers to the questions being raised on National Security and the lies of the Narender Modi Government.

Sam Pitroda has had a great track record of serving India, especially in the areas of telecom services and knowledge commission. He has setup the knowledge commission to link rural development, farmer issues, employment to knowledge hubs so that Information is available to people to take right decisions. It is very unfortunate that his valid question to the Government is being attacked by the Modi team which is answerable to the people of the Country. It is a fact that GDP growth has been at least 1 percent lower than that of the growth during the UPA-1 and UPA-2 governments. Demonetization has been a huge failure and has caused damage to the unorganized rural economy amongst other failures. Unemployment is highest in India in last 45 years, especially amongst the college graduates. The Prime Minister has never addressed a Press Conference during his entire tenure from 2014 onwards. This is unprecedented in India. Yet when anyone questions the Government on valid concerns, they are attacked and humiliated, starting with Narender Modi. We have seen the Prime Minister make several personal comments on the Congress president and stooped to low levels of Indignity, which is extremely uncommon till now in India.

The Indian Overseas Congress strongly condemns the attitude of the Government led by Narender Modi in being answerable to the people of India for the promises made to the country and undelivered. We also strongly condemn the attack against Sam Pitroda who has spoken the voice of many NRI’s living outside India.

George Abraham (Vice Chairman), Mohinder Singh Gilzian (President), Harbachan Singh (Secretary General) and Rajendar Dichpally (General Secretary) issued a press release condemning the attack against Sam Pitroda and expressed their concern on the attitude of the Narender Modi Government is being answerable to the people of India. They suggested that the people of India should consider the dismal performance of the Narender Modi Government when they vote in the forthcoming election in April/ May.

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