Indian Overseas Congress, USA membership registration drive in full swing

IOCAt a hurriedly scheduled meeting at the residence of Mr and Mrs. Ravi Chopra and Mrs. Shalu Chopra in New York on Sunday March 31, 2019, a large number of NRIs registered their strong support behind Rahul Gandhi and registered to become members of the Indian Congress Party, USA. Particularly noteworthy was the largest number of the women who were present and who were inspired by the entry into politics of Shmt. Priyanka Gandhi ji. They loudly hailed chants and slogans of Victory to Rahul Gandhi, Victory of the people of India and Victory to their motherland.

Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President, Mr. Harbachan Singh Secretary General, Mr. Ravi Chopra Chairman Finance Committee and Mrs. Shalu Chopra Chairperson of the Women’s Committee of the Indian Overseas Congress USA praised the enthusiasm and determination of the people to bring down the Modi Government through the democratic electoral process and place Rahul Gandhi to lead the Government in the upcoming elections. Each woman leader was introduced and honored with their respective new appointments by Ms. Shalu Chopra and who vouched to jointly work hard under the Women’s Committee Chair.

PHOTO-2019-04-01-21-09-49Speaker after speaker recounted the failings of the Modi government in their administration and promises. They vehemently declared their total opposition to Modi government governing any further. Many speakers highlighted the outstanding achievements of the Congress Party that brought honor and pride to India amongst the comity of nations and expressed their absolute confidence in the Victory of Rahul Gandhi in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

“Instead of answering to the broken promises made by them to the voters, the Modi government chose to make unfounded and false accusations on Congress party leaders by, for example, misinterpreting their statements out of context and trying to create a sense of unpatriotic behavior on their part”, said Harbachan Singh. However, the people did not buy the insinuations ascribed to the Congress Party leaders. The attempts failed miserably to constrain and contain the rapidly growing robust strength of party supporters and followers.
Mr. Mohinder Sing Gilzian, Mr. Ravi Chopra and other senior leaders voiced strong confidence in Dr. Sam Pitroda, Mr. Himanshu Vyas, Mr. Madhu Yashki and above all on Mr. Rahul Gandhi in their great leadership role that each one of them were playing and expressed utmost confidence that Rahul Gandhi will be the new Prime Minister of India.

The event was covered by the media and the Executive Board Members, Chapter heads and senior officials of IOC, USA gave press comments au milieu the upbeat utterances of the supporters urging total backing of the Rahul Gandhi’s candidacy.

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