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Indian Overseas Congress, USA expands and inaugurates new Chapters

April 14, 2019 , IOC Press Release

PHOTO-2019-04-13-15-16-38NEW YORK. On April 6, 2019, IOC, USA inaugurated three new Chapters at New Jersey in its continuing efforts to augment support to the Congress Party which is contesting the Lok Sabha elections that started on April 11 and will last until May 19, 2019.

The meeting was attended by Mr. George Abraham Vice Chairman, Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President and Mr. Harbachan Singh Secretary-General from New York along with other ranking officers of the IOC, USA. Over 120 participants were present.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Samala was installed as IOC, USA National Vice President with responsibilities of overseeing the work of the Congress party supporters from the Southern Indian States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the State of Telangana. Mr. Samala is a prominent community leader involved in several non- profit Organizations. Mr. Rajeshwar Reddy Gangasani was installed as the President of the Telangana Chapter who is a Past president of a prominent Telugu Association and Mr. Pavan Kumar Darisi was installed as the President of the Andhra Pradesh Chapter, who was a Congress Party LokSabha Candidate from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh in 2014. In addition, Ms. Leela Maret was installed as the President of the Kerala Chapter. IOC leaders spoke at length on the subject of theon going election and how NRI’s can help Congress Party to win the elections.The President congratulated all the new appointees.

In expressing great satisfaction and confidence in these appointments, Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian emphasized the need to work diligentlywith the NRIs to work on the phones with their families and friends to explain why it was extremely important at this time to exercise their respective vote wisely. The failings and shortcomings of the Modi government were already well known in India and leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Navjot Sidhu were constantly on the attack.

George Abraham, Harbachan Singh, Krishna C Reddy, SravanthPoreddy, Ramesh Chandra, Rajender Dichpally, Gurmit Singh Gill, Charan Singh Prempura, Leela Merat, Ravi Chopra, John Joseph, Malini Shah, Davendra Vora, Amir Rasheed, Jose George, and several other leaders also spoke on the failings of the Modi government and why Rahul Gandhi was the most outstanding leader to be able to takeIndia and its people out of misery and give the people of India back the glory and the forefront position in the comity of nations it once enjoyed. The confidence of the people in Rahul Gandhi and the Congress Party has finally peaked. Thanks to the hard work of its leaders, many can already sense the success of the Congress Party in the coming days.

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