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KCRM North America Honors Dr. James Kottoor, CCV Chief Editor

July 18, 2019 , Chacko Kalarickal, President, KCRMNA

Chacko Kalarikal

Chacko Kalarickal

Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement North America (KCRMNA) is planning to have its Second National Gathering in Chicago on August 10, 2019.

The Board of Directors of the KCRMNA has decided to honor at their National Gathering, Dr. James Kottoor, the Editor in Chief, of the “Church Citizens Voice”(CCV), a Global internet Portal, of the Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement (KCRM).

Studies & Experience
Dr.Kottoor has been a journalist for the last 55 years. He has a Doctorate in Theology from Urban University, Rome, in April 1964, after presenting his 438-page thesis on: Doctrinal Mission of Laity in the Church; a Diploma in Sociology from Centre for International Social Institutions, Rome in September 1964; a Bachelor degree from School of Journalism,Marquette University, Milwaukee, USA in 1966.

He worked three months each as a full-time Editorial Staff at three weeklies in US: at Michigan Catholic, Detroit, with 12 Editorial Staff; Universe Bulletin, Cleveland with 20 Editorial Staff; and Catholic Register, Denver, Colorado with 25 editorial staff. He was Editor and Publisher of the 125-year-old English Weekly ‘New Leader’ from Madras from 1967 to 75; Associate Editor of Indian Currents, (IC) an International weekly, Delhi from 1978 and now its dependable columnist.

When Ernakulam landsale scandal broke, IC had prepared a 3-part articles, which the Capuchin Order, its owner banned publication at last moment to prevent public exposure of Cardinal. IC obeyed the Order and sent the bunch of articles to Kottoor, who published all of them.

Invitee to World Conferences!
He was an invitee to: 1) Ninth World Conference of Catholic Press in Luxemburg in 1971 and the adjacent Meet of Journalists from Developing Countries held in Trier, Aaacan, Germany; 2) Speaker on “Printed Word in Asia” at the one week Christian Conference of Asia Seminar in Hong Kong in June l975; 3) Invitee to World Conference on Women’s Ordination in Catholic Church in Dublin in 2001; 4)Conducted Dharmavijayam Campaign sponsored by Amruthavani, Secunderabad with Prof. Ramachandran, Head of Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Bombay and brought out a 229 page Research Report; 5) Speaker on Role of American Indians in US at one day seminar at Indo-American Yoga Institute in Yonkers, New York on June 09, 2012; 6) Keynote speaker at Syro-Malabar Cathedral Hall, Chicago at one day seminar on Endogamy Controversy in Kottyam Knanaya Community on August 03, 2013, on his 5th visit to US to meet his children in Chicago.

James photo

Dr. James Kottoor

Editors of CCV
He has been the Chief Editor of CCV for the last five years. The other two Editors are Sri. Joseph Mattappally (jmattappally @gmail.com) and Sri. Issac Harold Gomes (isaac25gomes@gmail.com).

Hosanna connection
Besides Kottoor was associate editor of Hosanna of Joseph Pulikunnel. Actually, it was he who forced him to stop being a “rolling stone” and come to Kerala from Hyderabad to take charge of an English version of Hosanna which went haywire. Since he was given the job of editing the Fr. Hegger’s (of Holland and was Sponsor of Hosanna) ‘On the Road to Emmaus’ magazine in English, and not publishing any of his articles like “Carpenter of Nazareth”, “Carpenter wants to rebuild the Church”, etc., he resigned from Hosanna, after one year.

Incognito Editor, Vaideeka Mitram
Then he was suddenly roped in almost by force by Vaideeka Mitram, Proprietor Fr. Chatthaparambil, a forward-looking decent priest whom Kottoor knew nothing about before. He took Kottoor and his friend Fr.Bread who had just arrived from Philippines to meet Kottoor. They visited Vivekananda temple in Kannyakumari. Fr.Chathaparambil took both of them free in his car to Kannyakumari and persuaded Kottoor to agree to edit Vaideekamitram at least for just three months. Kottoor’s objection was, how could he “a renegade from Priesthood, be editor of Vaideekamitram?”But the issue for Chathaparambil was, Fr. Christi Daniel, editor of Vaideeka Mitram had left for the US leaving the Monthly an orphan and Chathaparabil wanted to keep it alive by all means and he had good opinion about Kottoor who was a good friend of Christie Daniel as well. So Kottoor agreed to edit Vaideeka Mitram for three months but had to carry on for three years in Christi Daniel’s name.

Vaideekamitram soon became very famous.Even Joseph Pulikunnel who thought Christi Daniel was editing it, translated articles in Mitram like “Anatomy of a Jubilee Celebration”, saying “Vaideeka Mitram run by very erudite (Pandithar) priests says thus etc.” Another letter writer from Bangalore asked Vaideekamitram: “Why are you so critical of Pompus life style of Bishops? Do you know what happened to Kottoor of New Leader? The same will happen to you!” Many such comments were fun those days. Kottoor’s own PP in Thammanam and companion editor of Sathyadeepam said: “See what a powerful language and ideas Chrsti Daniel has”, of course without knowing Kottoor was editing Mitram! Lesson: “People never tell you bluntly and frankly what they think of you!”

Kottoor’s view on Church Reform
Dr. Kottoor is adamant, for good reason, and unshaken on three points: 1) The Augean stables (worst corrupt, suffocatingmg, stinking place) of clerical sex-abuse out in the open among High echelons of the Catholic Church is humanly impossible to cleanse; 2) The Church today is deeply mired and embedded in a Constantine Church; 3) What is to be aimed at and possible, is building up a community of CATTLE CLASS where everyone is on pins and needles competing for the last place to serve, to do foot washing ministry, and not in the rat race to compete and climb up on the ladder of authority to rule over the weak.

Augian Stables!
Augean stables remind one of the Greek mythology of Augeas king of Elis who was an extremely rich cattle owner of 3000 oxen whose stables were not cleansed for over 30 years but was finally done by Heracles by diverting two rivers Alpheus and Peneus through those stinking stables. Sex abuse stables in the Church is not just 30 but 1700 years old since the time of Constantine. We are living in a Church of Constantine, as stated by good Pope John XXIII while opening the second Vatican Council and giving the central reason, he said, it was to: “To sweep clean the dust of the empire accumulated on the throne of Peter ever since the time of Constantine.” For the last 50 years, the Church has achieved nearly nothing to remove this dust of the empire covering Peter’s throne; nor will it achieve anything tangible in the foreseeable future. So dump the present hierarchical, showy, imperial, glorious, triumphant, militant church with all external exhibition and publicity in the dust bin, and focus totally on the simple, humble life of Jesus going round doing good to the needy, sick and exploited. He lived even without an address: “Birds have their nest, foxes their holes…….”

Pea-Cocking Bishops!
Pope Francis often pitied many bishops who go about crooked ways to get elected as a bishop, But once they become one, they start “pea-cocking” in colorful royal purple, gold and satin regalia and all such stupid worldly things. The so-called clerical class, all brothers only, but drowned in all blasphemous royal titles, have no time to think of the Cattle-class or Brotherhood of Jesus.

Kottoor wrote two books: “Woman Why are you Weeping?” based on his Dublin Conference experience of Women’s Ordination and “Womb to Tomb”, a discussion on one’s Life’s Journey from birth to death in search of God’s light. He writes regularly on Socio-political and Religious issues, in weeklies like Indian Currents, Delhi, Chicago Express, websites like Matters India, Delhi, Almayasabdam, Kerala, Emalayalee, US malayalee, South Asia Mail, Malayalam Daily News, all in US and British Patram, Bombay laity, Face Book (facebook.com/jameskottoor) and Twitter (twittercom/jameskottoor) and has his own website open to all: http://sites.google.com/ site/james kottoor speaking/

Dr.Kottoor was born on Aug.18,1934. He has four children Santhi, Sobha, Subha and Santhosh, He resides with his wife Agnes at: Santhibhavan, 31/2249, Thammanam PO, Ernakulam, Kochi – 682032, Kerala, Ph.0484-2344679, Mob. +91 9446219203. He and Agnes are now in Chicago till the end of August.

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