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Northern NJ Community Foundation Launches Fund in Memory of DeAnna Stark Pasciuto

July 31, 2019 , Luhrs & Associates

DeAnna Stark and Family

DeAnna Stark Pasciuto with her husband, Michael Pasciuto, and their children. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Pasciuto

(Morris & Passaic Counties, New Jersey; July 30, 2019) — The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation announces The DeAnna Stark Pasciuto Memorial Fund.  The Fund honors the spirit of DeAnna Stark Pasciuto by awarding scholarships and grants to provide comfort and joy to others, while serving as a reminder of the power of life.  Stark Pasciuto, who passed away on January 15, 2018, grew up in New Jersey in Ledgewood in Roxbury Township and Morris Plains and lived with her husband and children in Wayne.

            The Fund’s mission provides support for cancer research, families touched by cancer, and scholarships for female student-athletes looking to pursue medical careers.  “The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation is honored to establish a fund in remembrance of DeAnna Stark Pasciuto to benefit others.  The Fund’s mission parallels our work to improve community life by supporting education and public health,” said Michael Shannon, President, Northern New Jersey Community Foundation.

            DeAnna Stark Pasciuto attended Richard Stockton University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s in Physical Therapy.  She worked as a Physical Therapist at Advanced Rehabilitation and Atlantic Healthcare.  Sports were an integral part of her activities.  A graduate of the Morris Catholic High School class of 1997, she played track and field and soccer.  While a student at the university, she continued to play soccer.  As an adult, she played soccer and was very active as a coach in the local Packanack Lake Community Athletic Association’s youth sports organization.

Scholarship Award

            Through the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation’s DeAnna Stark Pasciuto Memorial Fund, a grant will be awarded to a nonprofit organization to helpsurviving spouses, underprivileged women, and/or children affected by cancer.  The Fund will also award an annual scholarship to benefit a student enrolled in Richard Stockton University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, as well as provide a yearly contribution to the postsecondary institution’s soccer program.

            “The Fund was established in order to ensure that DeAnna’s legacy of caring for others continues beyond her life.  In doing so, it is our goal to support graduate students pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, female college athletes, underprivileged women and children and any family faced with substantially difficult circumstances,” said Michael Pasciuto, husband of the late DeAnna Stark Pasciuto.

Continue DeAnna Stark Pasciuto’s Legacy

            The public can continue DeAnna Stark Pasciuto’s legacy with a donation in her memory.  Donations are tax-deductible, as permitted by law, and may be made online at https://www.nnjcf.org/cause-posts/the-DeAnna-stark-pasciuto-memorial-fund/.  Contributions may also be sent by check made out to ‘The Northern N.J. Community Foundation’ with ‘The DeAnna Stark Pasciuto Memorial Fund’ entered in the memo line. 
Send checks to the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, 1 University Plaza, Suite 128, Hackensack, New Jersey 07601. 

            For further information about the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation, contact nnjcf@nnjcf.org or call 201-568-5608.

DeAnna Stark With Hand Up

DeAnna Stark Pasciuto was an accomplished soccer and track and field athlete, as well as a coach in the local Packanack Lake Community Athletic Association’s youth sports organization. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Michael Pasciuto

The Northern New Jersey Community Foundation (NNJCF), a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Hackensack, New Jersey, focuses primarily on civic engagement, education, public health, the environment, philanthropy, and the arts.  NNJCF works with local governments, school districts, businesses, non-profit organizations, and citizen groups in Northern New Jersey to improve community life.  The Foundation’s partners identify and resolve regional problems and opportunities by talking and learning from each other, by sharing ideas, best practices, services, and resources.

            For more information, visit www.nnjcf.org, send an email to nnjcf@nnjcf.org, or call (201) 568-5608.  Follow the NNJCF on Facebook at Northern NJ Community Foundation/ArtsBergen, on Instagram at www.instagram.com/nnjcf_artsbergen/ and Twitter @NNJCF.

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