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Share the Spirit of Giving Locally During the Holiday Season and Throughout the Year

December 8, 2019

2019 Dr John Grieco Scholarship Fund Recipients(Eastern Bergen County, New Jersey; December 8, 2019) — With the arrival of the holiday season, people often feel the urge to reach out to others in need and lend them a helping hand.  This is a common reaction to reflect on our own circumstances and realize how fortunate we are.  In a season that conveys the ‘spirit of giving’, people feel motivated to share our good fortune with others.

What is the best way to do that?  “Sometimes, we are at a loss for who to support, what they need, or how to get assistance to them.  Frequently, what we see on the surface is misleading.  Many people in our communities require our support but are reluctant to let others know about their situations,” explained Dr. Shelly Wimpfheimer, Executive Director, The Community Chest.  “Often, they look around and see affluence, and they are embarrassed to admit their circumstances.  Shame leads them to remain silent, even though speaking up might be to their advantage.”

Why Should You Help?

Helping others is gratifying in many ways.  “Giving to others can provide us with a sense of well-being, peace of mind, and satisfaction.  In addition, it makes us a good role model for our children, grandchildren, and others.  Enjoy the holiday season even more and throughout the year by sharing your good fortune,” Dr. Wimpfheimer said.

How Can You Help?

These are some ways you can help people in need in the area.

·      Start your charitable giving at the local level.  This form of philanthropy helps your community, and you get to know and see the impact of these organizations that cannot be done with national and international agencies.

·      Make a contribution to a trusted nonprofit such as The Community Chest that vets social service agencies working with people experiencing difficulties in eastern Bergen County.  Through a rigorous grant application process, The Chest reviews the nonprofit organizations in our community and knows what they do.  This nonprofit directs your contribution into the hands of agencies to make sure it is well used.

·      The Community Chest serves as a resource helping people match their philanthropic giving interests with an agency’s work.  The Chest can discuss and identify with you charities that match your philanthropic giving interests in the area.

·      Ask your friends and families to forgo presents and, instead, support a local cause or area of interest.  Create your own giving traditions.

·      Volunteer your time and talent to community-based organizations in the area one time, during the holiday season, or throughout the year.  In Bergen County, New Jersey, Bergen Volunteers can match your interests with organizations looking for your skill and talent.  Contact them at 201-489-9454 or info@bergenvolunteers.org.

During the holiday season and throughout the year, The Community Chest assists the public with philanthropic and charitable giving interests and questions.  For assistance with your charitable giving and information, contact the organization at (201) 568-7474 or shelly@communitychestofenglewood.org.

About The Community Chest

Founded in 1933, The Community Chest, a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, has supported local not-for-profit agencies for 86 years.  The Chest leads initiatives and supports nonprofits that make our communities stronger and benefit people in need in eastern Bergen County.  Each year, The Chest raises funds and allocates them to agencies demonstrating the capacity to provide services to local citizens.  The organization also provides coordinating and planning services in its communities, serving as a bridge between agencies and organizations and investing in the stability and quality of the service network.

The Community Chest’s Board of Managers is comprised of community leaders dedicated to improving the lives of neighbors in need.  People interested in being considered for board membership may contact executive director Shelly Wimpfheimer at (201) 568-7474.

For further information about The Chest, visit www.thecommunitychestebc.org/ or contact (201) 568-7474.  Stay updated about the organization’s activities on Facebook and Twitter.

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