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A Message from Amma Regarding COVID-19

March 12, 2020 , .

imageChildren, with the coronavirus spreading to more and more countries, people all over the world are experiencing a lot of fear, anxiety and confusion. Everyone should pray intensely and work together to overcome the situation and endure these trying times.

The Ashram has received instructions from the Central and State Health Departments, and they have dictated to us certain precautionary steps and preventative measures that we have to follow. Everyone should understand the gravity of the situation and cooperate. Slight carelessness on our part could be disastrous, so Amma hopes all of you understand.

Amma is not afraid of anything—not even death. My only desire is to embrace people, giving them solace and comfort when they are distressed, even when I breathe my last. In the past 45 years, Amma hasn’t cancelled a single program due to any physical inconvenience, fear of circumstances, disaster or epidemic. However, Amma has a responsibility to adhere to the authorities’ directives when the whole world is gripped by fear regarding this pandemic.

Spirituality and Vedanta teach us not run away from the challenging situations in life, but face them courageously. However, how do we do that in the current situation? It’s like a terrorist is waiting just outside your house. The moment you open the door and come out, he will attack you. Similar is the situation with this virus. So, we are left with little choice. In the current scenario, we can only take necessary precautions and pray for divine grace.

Those coming to India from abroad, those going out of India, and even those travelling within the country should follow the recommended precautions and be very careful so that they are safeguarded. If one of the hundreds of people travelling in an airplane has the virus, it could spread to other passengers. So, please be very careful when coming into the country and travelling in general.

The selfish things man has done to Nature are now coming back in the form of such epidemics. In 2002, Amma warned of the possibility of tragedies such as this and natural calamities occurring in the world. That is when Amma began to chant omlokahsamastah sukhino bhavantu [“Om. May all beings everywhere be peaceful and happy”] on a daily basis in the ashram and on her tours, and encouraged her children all over the world to chant it daily as well. Two years back, we started the “White Flower Meditation” for world peace because Amma also felt some hardships would come in 2020.

So, let us offer our heartfelt prayers to the divine and pray for grace while putting in as much effort as we can. In this way, may we be able to prevail over this difficult situation facing humanity. With grace, may the current situation soon pass.

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