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Allegations on Mata Amritanandamayi Math hiding foreigners baseless

March 26, 2020

AOC00136In the wake of the Coronavirus spread in various parts of the country, Mata Amritanandamayi Math has been keeping the district medical officers informed about all the details regarding the current situation, through mails for the past one and a half months. Also, the health workers from Alappad Panchayat visit the math daily to make sure that everything is done as per the orders. The initial government order was to quarantine the people coming from China, Thailand, Iran, Italy, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. However, in view of the severity of the situation, all 58 foreigners who arrived at the Math after February 25th were home-quarantined in a separate building outside the ashram premises.   Although they are all asymptomatic, they are not leaving their rooms or interacting with any other ashram residents.  The district medical office and the panchayat health workers are also informed about their health details every day. Moreover, devotees from other parts of the state and country have not been permitted to enter the ashram, with this notification having been published on March 5th.

It is time for all of us to be vigilant with regard to Covid 19 and all activities in the math are carried out in a very transparent way. The Math is also fully compliant with the government instructions and also informs them every day. A team of health workers, comprising doctors sent by the district administrators, has been evaluating the activities of the Math and giving necessary instructions. If anyone requires any further clarification on the matter, they can contact the District Health Department.

On Tuesday. 26 March, the Revenue and Police Health Departments visited the Ashram, conducted a detailed inspection and declared the situation as satisfactory. A team led by Special Deputy Collector in charge of the RDO,  Dr. Sumeethan Pillai, Covid 19 District Nodal Medical Officer Dr.Sasi, Kollam District Medical Office Health Technical Assistant Dr.Narayanaan, and Alappad Medical Officer Dr. Arun visited the Math to assess the defense arrangements. Officers from Karunagapally, Alappad and Clappana villages, health inspectors, other health department representatives, and police officials were also present along with Karunagappally Taluk Tehsildar Smt.Sajitha Begum.

Keeping these facts in mind, the Mata Amritanadamayi Math would greatly appreciate if all concerned, would abstain from falsifying information and creating an environment of fear and distrust in the community.

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