Do god(s) Really Exist?

do god bannerMy first submission: what is the gender of God? In a patriarchalreligion, God is called HE. But it cannot be so. Male and female are the two sides of a coin. Hence I would prefer to refer God, if any, as a big IT.

According to J. Anderson Thomson Jr. M. D.Psychiatrist, God is the creation of brain chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins. Thus as of now, God is the product of the mind or more precisely, the by-product of mind’s cognitive mechanisms. Our ancestors most likely dreamed up their gods. Gods may have been created as personifications and explanations of natural forces such as fire, dramatic weather changes, volcanoes, the sun, the moon and other natural wonders.

There is only one real religion created by our hunter-gatherer ancestors in Africa 50,000 to 70,000 years ago. Our window to their religious rituals comes from three surviving populations of Kung San of Africa, the aborigines of Andaman Islands and the Australian aborigines who are thought to be the original humans who came out of Africa. All three tribes have their religions based on song, dance and trance, activities that harness some of our most powerful brain chemicals. They are the ones that influence pleasure, fear, love, trust self esteem and attachment. We can see the echoes of this first religion in all faiths on the planet today. Our religions are derivatives of the power of song, dance and trance.

“ The God of Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction; jealous and proud of it; petty, unjust, unforgiving control freak; a misogamist, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochilistic, capriciously malevolent bully “ ( Richard Hawkins in God Delusion )

The Christianssay they believe in a monotheistic God, which at he same time is a“Three in One and in One in Three God “with a  Father, a Son and a Holy Spirit. This ridiculous concept takes the trophy for verbal gymnastics and double speak or no speak, now consigned to an Unfathomable  Mystery. The Son God is believed to have  born from a  human femaleafter being impregnated, in an asexual way, by the Holy Spirit. Asking the question, what was the role of the Father God in the whole business is SACRILEGE of the highest order according to the mandarins of the Church.The Catholics firmly hold the view, as an article of absolute faith, that this female continues to be a Virgin despite giving birth to a child in the normal way.She seem to have given birth to other children as well. Her perpetual Virginity beats common sense. But one has to swallow this utter bullshit if one doesn’t want to be consigned to the most horrible part of the Hell, Catholic Church says. What this preposterous idea has to do with human lives is begging the question.

Dr. Roy Willis, Research Fellow in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburg says that some mythologies formalise the struggle between creative order and destructive chaos in terms of perpetual cycle of creation and destruction. In the Greco-Roman tradition, the cycle began with the Golden Age, when human beings enjoyed eternal youth and freedom from toil and concludes that the present era, the Age of Man, is destined to end in humanity’s self destruction. Most traditions describe the normally invisible component of the universe, as a world above or heaven, which is the abode of superior beings: gods or divine ancestors and that the under world is peopled by the dead and subterranean spirits. A vast number of gods, especially goddesses are connected with fertility such as Earth mother and other complex female figures.

This short presentation doesn’t allow elaborate explanation. Suffice to say that God is a product of the human brain and emerged out specific social and environmental milieus. Homo Sapiens, in general tend to have faith in some gods and subscribe to some religions because they are evolving creatures. These beliefs would not die at least until humans get over the fear of death and of the unknown and of each other.

Humans are born moral animals and they don’t need any God or religion to keep them from notbeing immoral monsters as some faiths would like to say. If human ancestors had no sense of right and wrong, whatever way they interpreted the terms, they could not have long survived in social groups. Morality is not a learned behaviour without inborn aspects. Empathy, compassion, grief, comfort, assistance, forgiveness, trust, reciprocity and sense of justice, revenge, spite and much more are inherent in humans and in  other animals. The evolution of moral behaviour goes hand in hand with the evolution of sociality. Paul bloom argues that we are born altruists, who then have to learn strategic self-interest.

It is quite possible to be non-religious but highly moral. If one follows the exact wording of the Bible, one may have to sell one’s uppity daughter into slavery. Ancient scriptures seem full of moral advice that sounds anything but moral today. The less we abide by the scriptures, the more we use our basic moral intuitions and the more moral we are likely to be. Genuine morality is doing right regardless of what may be the outcome. Following religious moralityis doing what we are told. Religion compels us to be part of either an in-group with unproven promise of eternal reward or an equally ridiculous threat of burning hell for eternity. People who abandon religion require much more moral strength to make their own moral decisions. Most of the religious people are moral for fear of punishment or reward in the after-life. A non-religious person has to evolve his or her own reference point of morality.

There are trillions of stars, planets, asteroids, meteors and other bodies in the space. Then there are unknown forces including dead stars, dark matter, antimatter and who knows what else? How these things impinge on the lives of the creature Homo Sapiens are still is in the area of speculation. Hence one may not know nor may care about theology or metaphysics and the so called higher destiny of the human species. Let the God(s) go their way and the humans pursue the path they think suitable, during the very brief existence on earth.

Perhaps, one need not be burdened by the mumbo jumbo of the clerics/shamans. They are out to enjoyfree lunches and creature comfortsby doing nothing useful to their community. These moochers and social parasites should not be allowed to lord over us and keep us in mental bondage in the name of their God who is supposed to haul all of us over the coals, simply because we care to live in the manner found appropriate with all our human goodness, frailties and inadequacies. The priestly class have taken us for the ride for too long for our comfort.

Enough maybe enough.God, if any, may mind its own business as best it can. It shouldn’t be any of our concern. Grateful, if its devotees allow us to sleep and take test in the night undisturbed without their ear splitting noisy prayers and rantings and mad crescendo of meaningless cacophony of invocations. Let the unhinged mobs of faithful allow one to move round freely without being waylaid by their processions carrying statues, for example, of some suspected arrow ridden saint of foreign origin viz., St. Sebastian, who is alleged to have been killed by arrows. But arrows  and javelins, as weapons  of war or means of killing,  had long disappeared by  the time of this imaginary character was said to have been  killed.  If the Romans really finished him off,either his throat would have simply been cut by a sword/ his heart pierced by a lance or he would have been  fed  to the lions while the commoners of  the Rome gleefully watched  and enjoyed the bloody and  macabre spectacle. He could have been hung from a way side tree or pole  and made to  die harrowingly; his  dead body would have been left to be  eaten by vultures and other birds of carrion, leaving only thebare  skeletons  for all to see and learn the bitter lesson  for any rebellion against  the Empire.

The clerics would  make money by hook or crook from the foolish believers.  Let the superstitious “goats” move about  with some toy arrows after paying the prescribed fees. “Deepastambam, mahascharium, namukkumvenampanam “. How else the cassock wearerwill  live. He knows no other useful craft for survival.

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