1. Bhajan Samaj temple view from outsideINTRODUCTION:

 BHAJAN SAMAJ GHATKOPAR EAST, a premier religious organisation situated at 90 feet road in Garodia Nagar, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai, is a 54 YEARS OLD INSTITUTION formed by a group of devout souls led by Late Shri R. V. Sreedhar, to propagate the twin objectives of spiritual and cultural need-based activities. The SAMAJ has a splendid temple for the devotees and a beautiful garden adjacent to it, with various playing facilities for children and walking track. In addition, there is a meditation Hall, wherein Veda Classes are conducted on week days. Yoga Classes and Meditation are held in another multipurpose hall. the Temple also has the facility of a renovated open auditorium for conducting cultural and religious activities, as well as a commodious front yard which can accommodate an audience of 400 viewers during festivals and other programs. Another attractive feature of this temple, which has become a cynosure for all, is that it has a spacious kitchen which can cater about 1500 meals every day.

The temple is blessed with the installation of almost all Deities, with RAJA GANAPATHY as the presiding deity. The rituals and various kinds of poojas like Pradosham, Shasti, Krithigai, Punarvasu Abhishekam etc. to invoke the blessings of all deities, are carried out regularly with utmost care and attention daily under the able guidance of the temple’s Chief Priest BRAHMASHRI VENKATESAN VADHYAR and his dedicated team of Kurukals. The daily requirements of flowers for the temple are efficiently managed throughout the year by an in-house flower shop.


As is the case of other temples, Bhajan Samaj also conducts all major festivals like Sri Ramanavami, Ganesh Chathurthi, Navarathri, and a variety of other detailed poojas like Bhagavathi Seva, Hanuman Jayanthi, etc. to name a few. Besides, many other spiritual activities include chanting of NARAYANEEYAM on all Ekadasi Days and DEVI MAHATMYAM on all Pournami Days every month and BHAGAVAD GEETA occasionally by various groups of devotees. Another important thing is that Bhagavatha Sapthaham, Ramayana Navaham, etc are also conducted in the premises every year by well-known groups.  Many eminent and talented Acharyas grace such auspicious occasions with their enlightening daily discourses. The average footfalls of devotees visiting the temple range between minimum 300 on normal days and 1000 on peak festival times. An important feature which deserves special mention is that the Samaj conducts SAMPRADAYA BHAJAN every Saturday in the temple after 7:00 pm at least for two hours, in which many devotees participate.

In addition, the Samaj also promotes music by inviting talented singers from across the country and also locally. We had, for example, Smt. Suchitra Balasubramanian (Harikatha), Smt. Mahati, Smt. Sudha Raghunathan and Thrissur Brothers to name a few, who had performed in the Samaj recently. In addition, the Samaj also conducted for the first time, Bhajanothsavam in the month of Marghazi (dhanur masam) on all week ends.


It was a major innovative breakthrough in the history of Bhajan Samaj, when it installed the solar panels for the generation of electricity with a view to catering to the daily electricity requirements of the temple. It is praise worthy that the Bhajan Samaj is the first temple in Mumbai to install a Solar Plant for the generation of electricity for its daily consumption.

Another useful area which Bhajan Samaj became exemplary, is the efficient management of the daily flower waste of the temple, which is recycled and gradually converted into useful manure which is used in the Samaj garden.


Well, on the social front also with regard to the charitable services, it deserves special mention that the Samaj provides grant / financial aid to about 200 poor and needy students every year. Similarly, the Samaj also provides medical aid to the ailing poor for their treatment regularly.


The Samaj, in the current lockdown scenario, is doing a yeoman’s service, with regard to distribution of free food packets (Annadanam) to various sections of the needy, particularly, the poor people living in the slums, construction workers, metro workers, police personnel, municipality workers, security &cleaning personnel in the nearby societies. The Samaj, along with Sri Sankara Hindu Mission, is distributing about 3000 food packets daily to the above -mentioned people. The Samaj is satisfied that though this service was started on a small scale to provide food to the needy senior citizens, it has, grown manifold, within a short span of 3 weeks.

To carry out this noble mission, the Samaj is generously supported by some sponsors as well as the voluntary donations being received from many willing devotees. With the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses and also the tireless perseverance of the team members, the Samaj is able to fulfil its social goals to a great extent! Let us pray God to give enough strength and resources to the Samaj to continue with its charitable and philanthropic social commitments vis-a-vis the routine functioning of the temple!


As a noble gesture of Women’s Empowerment, many like-minded women with spontaneous drive and dynamism, are forming the Ladies’ Wing of the Samaj, and are playing a very important role by helping the Samaj in their day to day activities.  It is really exemplary that this was a major stand out in the achievements of the Samaj vis-a- vis its various other parameters.


Introduction of the IYER’S KITCHEN, to support the Samaj, in the FOOD FRONT, was a major turning point in regard to serving the senior citizens and those in need of food every day. The iyer’s kitchen prepares hygienic quality food and ensures consumers’ satisfaction always. The Kitchen has got all facilities and a spacious dining hall. The IYER’s KITCHEN, with a sizeable manpower consisting of cooks, helpers, delivery team etc, led by Shri C K Kalyanaraman and Shri Venkatesh Kalyanaraman (his Son), is functioning in the Samaj premises only.


BHAJAN SAMAJ GHATKOPAR EAST, with its dedicated team of the following current committee members (with Shri. HARI IYER (SHEKHAR) as the Hon: SECRETARY), who are from different strata of life with many of them, who have held distinguished positions in various corporate companies etc. are willingly serving the Devotees as well as the general public and thus doing a laudable service:

Shri Virendra Bakshi, President

Shri Mahesh Garodia, Vice President

Shri T. N.  Balasubramanian, Vice President

Shri Hari Iyer Hon. Secretary

Shri S.  N.  Raja, Hon. Jt.Treasurer

Shri R .Ravishankar,Treasurer

Committee Members:
Smt. Sarita Mahesh Garodia, S/Shri S. K. Ramachandran, V. Mahadevan, Sreekanth Iyer, Gopal (Anantharaman K), P.A. Raman, B.S. Chandran, R. Kannan .

The name and fame of the Samaj have also grown in greater dimension. Let us all pray THE ALMIGHTY GOD to give them enough strength energy and good health to continue to serve the Devotees and the needy and also to meet its social commitments. Let us also wish them all success in their noble endeavours.



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2. Raja Ganapathi
Raja Ganapathi
3. Muthukumaran , Valli -Devayanai
Muthukumaran , Valli -Devayanai
4. Seetha- Raman
Seetha- Raman
5. Guruvayurappan
6.Lord Siva
Lord Siva
7. Raja Rajeswari
Raja Rajeswari
8. Anjaneyar
9.Shri Shekar
Shri Shekar
Thodupuzha K. Shankar

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