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FOMAA Webinar about immigration : Anil Augustine, Atlanta

June 9, 2020

FOMAFOMAA the Federal umbrella organization of Malayalees in North Americas, through its advocacy initiative Legal Immigrants Federation (L.I.F.E.), facilitated a virtual conference on the impact of post-COVID-19 perspectives, having eminent attorney Esq. Stephanie Scarborough as a panelist.

Many burning concerns pertaining to the legit immigrants who are imperiled with the pandemic added with policy uncertainties were enabled with goodwill professional insights by Esq. Scarborough, she appreciated the Indian diaspora having the highest per-capita education attainment and thereby one of the major stakeholders in the wellbeing of the nation. Addressed the perspectives of the current labor market in varied industry sectors where highly skilled H1B professionals are specifically engaged – Technology, Educators, HealthCare, Small Businesses, Academic Researchers, etc.

Uncertainties pertaining to international students on F1 visas as well were addressed at the conference. The overwhelming response soliciting questions by L.I.F.E made it impossible to address in the given time, however Esq. Scarborough was gracious enough in promising in reverting to all questions. If you have any more questions, please reach us at fomaa.life@gmail.com

In the welcome remarks Mr. Jose Abraham, General Secretary of FOMAA mentioned various initiatives that the organization is conducting to help the community during the pandemic situation. Mr. Abraham appreciated the Malayalee diaspora doing everything right by obeying the law of the land, being affirmatively contributing, assimilating members of the American community, by all means. Mr.Girish Sasankasekhar, L.I.F.E General Secretary added on the short term and long term goals of the organization and welcomed the support of the community for future initiatives.

In the closing remarks, L.I.F.E Chairman Mr. Sam Anto, urged all the GreenCard backlogged Immigrants to come forward and support the S.386 bill that has already passed the US House with the historic majority, but unfortunately, currently on hold at the senate. Esq. Scarborough also conveyed the importance of passing the bill and how it would benefit the Indian community.

The professional insights of this timely initiative were much appreciated by the participants from across the nation.Ms. Smitha Thomas (L.I.F.E Women’s forum Chairperson) and Mr. Sudheep Nair (L.I.F.E Joint Secretary) together anchored and moderated the event very smoothly and professionally. Vishakh Cherian (L.I.F.E National Coordinator) did an excellent job of organizing the event and liaisoning at L.I.F.E.

FOMAA L.I.F.E. team along with FOMAA National Executive Team (President Philip Chamathil, General Secretary Jose Abraham, Treasurer Shinu Joseph, Vice President Vincent Bose Mathew, Joint secretary Saju Joseph & Joint Treasurer Jain Mathews) were instrumental in conceptualizing & organizing the virtual event. The compassion & care FOMAA possesses in representing the diaspora was evident and is proven time and again.

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