Aries Homeplex turns over a new leaf in the entertainment and e-learning sector

We all are now on the verge of social and economic uncertainty due to COVID-19. The recent change in the socializing culture surely has made a drastic effect on our day to day lives, especially since social distancing norms are required to be followed for a period of uncertainty.

Above all, the forms of entertainment show that watching movies in theatres will be affected as it will lead to mass gatherings coming in close contact inside a closed space for hours. Many films have now geared towards their online premiers on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. Fortunately, we now have technologies to provide a professional theater-like experience from home through advanced Home Theater arrangements. Many are incorporating a room holistically for a home theater in their homes. This way, people will not have to sacrifice watching the much-awaited movie in theatres in full visual quality.

Aries Group has come with a solution to fulfill your entertainment needs from home. Aries HomePlex is a complete Luxury Home Entertainment Solution that adds to your home’s perfect private setting and enables you to experience the ambiance of a private theatre starting within the boundaries of your home. Introducing the revolutionary theatre technology for domestic consumers, Homeplex is ideal for homes, offices, clubs, and professional institutions. You can now transform your private lounge into a movie theatre with minimum space requirement starting from 150 sq.ft., depending on the number of seats required. It is equipped with the most ultra-modern Hi-tech technology systems and luxurious interiors, enjoy multiplex theatre ambiance. Its salient features include Dolby Atmos Sound, Theatre Grade Screen & 2K/4K/HD Projection, Plush recliner couches with cup holder, 360 Degree acoustics & soundproof carpeted interiors, Floor lighting and automated consoles, Play videos from DTH, external storage devices and satellite up/downlink.

E-learning has also taken an unexpected leap since lockdown. But the change is only for the best as children are exposed to much technologically advanced forms of learning, which improvises their capacity to imbibe each topic. Considering the necessity of meeting quality e-learning, Aries Group has come forward with ‘EDUCATIONAL 3D THEATRE’ to meet the growing demands of the education sector. Aries HomePlex is also an ultra-modern educational tool for children, which can be used to revolutionize the e-learning sector. ‘EDUCATIONAL 3D THEATRE’ is equipped with advanced features to facilitate seminars, video presentations, conferences, online classes, 3D i-education, animatic contents, and many more. This innovative educational theatre is a technological marvel that can help schools, professional colleges & universities to make education for children a new experience.

Everything from learning to staying entertained is essential during this lockdown period, and Aries Group has come up with the best means to utilize this time to the fullest.

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