Telebu Provides All-Inclusive Services for Upcoming Assembly Elections

Telebu’s comprehensive product suite streamlines communication and helps communicate at scale, securely and privately.

Kochi, March 11, 2021: Telebu, India’s first communications company that develops a suite of products and solutions to improve internal and external communication for companies has announced that its services are being exceptionally utilised by political parties for the upcoming Assembly elections in 5 states including Kerala, Tamil NaduWest BengalAssam and Puducherry.

Telebu’s wide-ranging product portfolio that is being leveraged by various political parties include Grptalk – an audio conferencing appvideo conferencing app – TelebuJoin and TelebuHub – contact centre software in addition to TelebuPinga secure end-to-end encrypted group messenger, etc.

The Telebu services are helping candidates better canvass during the elections as it lets them communicate in the regional language, send text & voice reminders to the common man and inform them about the good governance that has happened across the state, choose right candidates in every constituency via survey systems, do Sentiment Mapping, improve voter turnouts in addition to hosting pre- exit polls, authenticating databases & voters list and measure campaign effectiveness.

Speaking about the products, their role in elections and the future, Mr. Satya Yeramsetti, CEO, Telebu said- “We are constantly evolving our products, features and services to meet the growing needs of political parties, government agencies and changing dynamics of election campaigning. Our services have been successfully used in previously held Telangana and Bihar elections and we look forward to upcoming assembly elections as a perfect opportunity for us to increase business prospects.”

“We have come up with several new features to bridge the gap during elections and help political parties get an overview of various important aspects of campaigning. We work closely with the active leaders from various political parties & enable external communication for them based on their strategy, campaign plan, agenda, campaign demography, budget, target voter profile and more. We have worked with prominent political leaders, political strategists and political consulting firms to deliver impactful results in over 10+ states.” –  Satya added.

Some of the significant product suites of Telebu that are being tapped for its advantages by various political parties during election campaigning include Grptalk that facilitates a connection with 3 – 10,000+ people on a single call in 30 seconds. Having scheduled over 1 million conferences & usage of 100 million minutes so far, Grptalk is one of the largest and most trusted audio conferencing platforms in India. The key features of Grptalk that help political parties for election campaigning are – no requirement for app or internet to host conferences, keep a check on who’s attending the meetings & who’s not, complete call visibility, auto-diallers, toll-free numbers, send voice broadcasts to people with party agenda, IVR, run & operate grievance redressal systems, virtual receptionist, SMS reminders before calls, reminders to vote or talking points of the campaign and host feedback & surveys.

Another product under Telebu’s umbrella that is being extensively used by political parties to meet their campaign requirements includes TelebuJoin. TelebuJoin is a video conferencing & webinar platform that helps businesses connect, communicate, collaborate and generate leads safely, securely and at scale. During elections, TelebuJoin allows various parties to host video meetings with up to 100 participants to plan & strategize for the campaign, host live webinars with up to 300+ participants to address a rally & engage, go live on YouTube, and exchange information on campaigning. Additionally, TelebuJoin’s low bandwidth connectivity feature assists in hosting meetings from the remotest corners of the country.

Apart from the above mentioned, TelebuHub is also being extensively leveraged during the election campaigns. TelebeHub is a contact centre software that comes with inbuilt CRM, social integrations, ticketing and a knowledge management system. TelebuHub let’s political parties set up a call centre in less than 30 minutes from anywhere.

About Telebu

Telebu offers a complete & comprehensive product suite that helps businesses to communicate & collaborate at scale while ensuring safety & security of their data, privacy, conversations and sensitive information. Additionally, it helps businesses channelize their focus and prioritize by providing them with a mechanism to understand a buyer’s journey, add context, and qualify queries/leads coming in systematically. It also drives Brand Awareness, Customer Conversations, Interactions and revenues using technology, channels and platforms preferred by their buyers. Over the next five years, Telebu expects to capture ten per cent of this soon to be $350 million market.

The company has offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Delhi NCR in addition to its presence in Gulf Coast Countries including Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.  Telebu employs more than 400 people, serves more than 100,000 customers and more than 3,000 enterprises. Among Telebu’s customers are ten political organisations.

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