Empowering ‘Housewives’ with ‘Spouse Salary’; Housewife to buy her first ‘Electric Car.’

Women empowerment is all about providing economic and intellectual freedom to women to make their own choices, voice their opinions, and speak their minds without asking for validation. From providing equal opportunities at work to not judging them based on their gender, Aries Group has always been at the forefront to bring inclusive reforms in its company policies to support its staff.

Aries Group, a multinational consortium based in Sharjah, UAE, recently announced and implemented a revolutionary reform to pay salary to homemakers. Utilizing this money, one of the proud recipients Fiji Sudheer ,Sharjah resident mother of 3 has decided to buy an electric car to support her in the day-to-day chores.

“It has always been my dream to own a car, and this ‘Spouse Salary’ has finally made it possible. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride indeed. I will be soon buying an electric car, mostly for dropping my kids to school and help me to commute for day-to-day chores without relying on public transport. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.”, she mentioned.

Electric cars in Dubai are available for an EMI of 2500 AED per month and will save approx. 1000 AED on fuel and maintenance per month. With people becoming aware of climate change and global warming, many have been taking such measures to keep our environment clean and safe. Besides offering ‘Spouse Salary,’ Aries Group currently pays pensions to the parents of employees. Besides the revolutionary decision to pay wives, the company distributed cash and benefits worth Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore to its employees, depending on their service length.

“Hearing the impact our ‘Spouse Salary’ initiative has made on the lives of Homemakers gives me immense pleasure and delight. The pandemic has created havoc in all our lives missing the professional front with our personal lives, but the housewives face the maximum stress during these rough times. For all the sacrifices they have been making to help their spouses achieve their dreams, it is time that they get what they truly deserve.” said Aries Group Chief Happiness officer .Nivedya Roy.

The company’s main verticals include Maritime consultancy, Ship design, UT gauging, Survey of ships, Rope access, Interior and Aviation surveys. Besides, the company has invested in Media, Film Production, Event management, Television, and Tourism. The company considers its long-standing loyal employees as its greatest assets. Due to this, even during the COVID period, the company retained its employees without dismissing or salary cuts. Aries Group has also announced several other welfare schemes for employees including, a pension to the parents of employees who have completed three years with the company, children’s scholarships, and employee pensions. For such welfare schemes, Dr. Sohan Roy was also bestowed with the Best Employer in India award by the ‘Acharya Hasti Karuna Employer Award.’

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