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INOC Chair lauds the appointment of V.M. Sudheeran as the President of KPCC

February 11, 2014 , George Abraham, Chairman INOC (I) USA


The timely appointment of V.M. Sudheeran as the KPCC President will indeed increase the prospects for the Congress party in the upcoming election and there aren’t many in the senior leadership  who symbolize the values and principles of the Congress party more than Mr. Sudheeran ’ said George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress (I), USA. ‘It is high time that the party in Kerala forego the inner squabbles and concentrate on the tasks they are entrusted with that is to bring positive changes to the state and uplift the people through socio-economic development’ the statement added.

The Congress party is about to face a very tough election and the message of its accomplishments and vision for the future is not getting through because of the muddled political situation. However the appointment of Mr. V.M. Sudheeran as President and the young and dynamic  leader Mr. V.D. Satheesan as Vice-President could bring unity and purposefulness and motivate the grassroots  as election is around the corner.

Mr. Sudheeran is known for his frank and open mindset and never shies away from confronting a difficult issue with head on. At a time when Congress party is facing charges of corruption and other scandals, appointment of Mr. Sudheeran who is known for his clean record and simplicity is an agent for change and will help to turn the tide in favor of Congress within the state, the statement continued. Congratulations are also in order for the High Command for its courageous and proper decision to redirect the political wind in its favor.

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