Hinduism? Is it a Private Property for a few..!


Most people get confused what Hinduism is. Hinduism is one of the greatest thoughts in the world. It is very broad, vast like the mighty ocean. It is not a particular religion. It is a collection of all different kind and even contradicting thoughts. Atheism, monotheism, polytheism, cosmotheism, microtheism; Jainism,Buddhism and even Indian Christianity & Islam is part of Hinduism.

Middle eastern/ Mediterranean thoughts and even Christianity was influenced by Hinduism. Many of the sayings of Jesus, that is narrated in the gospels are borrowed from Buddhism. So Hinduism is not an isolated or secluded religion within in the geographical boundaries of the Indian Sub-continent. The literature of Hinduism is so vast a human many need several lives even to read them. All the scholars of Hinduism was never able to learn even a small fraction of Hinduism.

So it is unfortunate that Hinduism is understood as it is practiced by a Hindu religious man or devote. The temple Hinduism is very confusing and it is very far away from the core of Hinduism. People measure religion by what is practiced and performed by its members. “ The holy books” might has great ideas and thoughts. But that doesn’t mean that what ever is done by a member of that particular religion is what is said in those books. You cannot identify the deeds of any devote to his religion. A cunning devote { not a true one} will always try to associate his deeds to the religion and the god of that religion. That was one of the major draw backs of all religion. ” In the name of god”- the cruel, cunning and selfish did evil. Wars in the name of god has killed more humans than the total of all political wars combined.

Religion and the deeds of the devotee must be seen separate. Christian priests are getting arrested world wide for crimes they did. Several pastors are in American prisons for crimes and fraud. But in India; things are different. Politicians and religious leaders commit crime and seek shelter under the party or religion. That is evil. It must not be tolerated in order for the civilization to survive.

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