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INOC Chair criticizes Modi for attacking A.K. Antony as a Pakistani Agent

March 26, 2014 , George Abraham, Chairman INOC (I),USA


‘The attack on A.K. Antony, the Defence Minister of India as a Pakistani agent by Narendra Modi is mean-spirited and personal’ said George Abraham, Chairman, Indian National Overseas Congress (I), USA. ‘It evidently shows the frivolous conduct of a person who is running for the highest office in India. Fierce debate of politics does not justify character assassination and implicitly, Mr. Modi appears to be questioning the patriotism of the Defence Minister and that is totally unwarranted’.

‘Modi campaign seems to be at a loss whenever substantive issues are raised from any quarters and his reliance on sloganeering and divisive politicking will not suffice and Indian electorate is smarter than that’ the statement added.

Mr. A.K. Antony is a popular Congress leader who has a stellar reputation for honesty and integrity and who has been in public life that spans over five decades. A member of the Congress Working Committee, Antony is close to the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and is considered one of the main strategists in South Indian Politics.


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