Amit Shah’s statement exposes the double face of BJP: INOC Chair


‘Amit Shah’s statement gives the voters once again an opportunity to think through the philosophy of the BJP and evaluate the candidates for what they truly stand for as they cast their votes’ said George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress. He was responding to a statement by Amit Shah, a close aide and Modi campaign manager in Western U.P. who stated that 2014 elections were an opportunity for ‘revenge for the insult’ during last year’s communal violence in Muzaffarnager.

The statement once again shows the communal face of BJP although the party is doing its utmost to show a moderate face to the nation and the world during the current election campaign. As never before in the history of the independent India, the country is being challenged by certain political forces that are posing a direct threat to the secular fabric of the nation under the active patronage of BJP.

Amit Shah, a former home minister of Gujarat under Modi had said “ In Uttar Pradesh, especially western U.P. it is an election for honor, It is an election to take revenge for insult…. (and) to teach a lesson to those who have committed injustice”.



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