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INOC Chair congratulates Modi-led victory for NDA

May 16, 2014 , Inoci USA

Logo‘The people of India have spoken and they have thrown in their lot with BJP-led NDA and their verdict ought to be respected by all. It is also a tribute to India that has proven beyond any doubt that it is a vibrant democracy that facilitates a peaceful transition of power looks rather easy. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate who has led NDA to a great victory’ said George Abraham, Chairman of the Indian National Overseas Congress (I), USA.

Despite the huge victory by the Narendra Modi-led BJP, it has been quite evident to any independent political observer that this campaign for the election 2014 has been very divisive and polarizing and often pitting its own citizens against each other.

‘I hope the incoming NDA Government will continue to safeguard the democratic and secular fabric of the nation and work towards unity and purpose where all its citizens are treated equally regardless of their caste, religion or region’ Mr. Abraham added.

Indian National Congress led by Dr. Manmohan Singh has nothing to be ashamed of as it has performed well in the last 9 years despite some of the obvious challenges with corruption within the coalition and a slowing down of the economy. However, the party hasn’t done a better job communicating its achievements to the man on the street.

Despite this severe setback in the election, Indian National Congress, the party that has won the independence for India, the party that has guided India to a new economy and the party that has championed an inclusive agenda to uplift the poor and to protect the minorities will undoubtedly remain resilient and bounce back quickly.

It is quite apparent that many leaders of the Congress party have lost touch with the grassroots after they have gained the seats of power and often failed to recognize the committed cadre from those associated with vested interests. We hope that the next few months would be better spent as a time for introspection and refinement for the grand old party and wish Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Mr. Rahul Gandhi all the success in their efforts to retool and revitalize the structure and the cadre and refocus on the issues that will further contribute to peace, prosperity and security to the nation while acting as a responsible opposition at the Center.

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