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THEISM / ATHEISM – Andrews millennium thoughts #61

May 19, 2014 , Andrews C


GOD! OH GOD! People use this word without any idea. May be that is why according to Jewish/ Rabbinic scripture it is blasphemy to utter the word god and even the concept of god in human mind is blasphemy. If you use the word god in vain; you are undermining god. If you form an idea in your mind that god is this and that; you made an image of god. These are forbidden as per Jewish scripture.

If no one has seen god; how can one say god is this and that. Humans has tried all through centuries to define god in vain. One of human definitions about god states that god is incomprehensible. With respect to that; how can one say any further that god is love, omnipotent,omnipresent and so on. If god is incomprehensible anything further you say is foolish. Here it is worth to respect the Jewish tradition and scripture. Only the high priest was allowed to say the name of god and that is only once in one year when he entered the holy of hollies. Rabbinic scripture strictly enforces that humans are not capable of conceiving even just the idea about god. Any idea that is formed in human mind is an idol. See: Exodus.20:4-7. ”you shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in the heaven……. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the lord your god, for god will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.” with that said, it is very clear; those who use god’s name for anything and everything will not be forgiven. Rabbinic scripture goes further and states that god is not your personal god who will listen to your prayers and praise and get pleased by your sacrifices. So your personal efforts to bribe god by sacrifices, praise and prayers are in fact blasphemy. It is also the negation of god. So those who call god for personal needs is undermining god. That is actual atheism. You don’t know what god is. And you don’t have the capacity to understand god. But you made a god concept within and limited to your knowledge. That is actually blasphemy and atheism. Same philosophy can be seen in Buddhism- that is why Buddhism is very silent about the concept of god. And Hinduism shares the same in ‘the unmovable Brahman’. You have limited or ignored the actual god of which you have no clue what it is. Atheist are more safe here if god is a punishing god as per the belief of the theist. Buddhism and Hinduism give clear paths too without the godhead. Do good deeds without any further intentions and seeking moksha- niskama karma.

In history, there is no record of atheists going around and killing fellow humans. But history is bubbling out with thousands of incidents of theists killing fellow humans in the name of god. In fact the numbers of humans killed by god’s people in the name of god is several times higher than than the numbers of people got killed in all the political wars.

There are thousands and thousands of gods and religious sects. As per Hinduism there are millions and millions of gods. So the question ‘ do you believe in god’ is utterly foolish, pathetic and obsolete. A civilized human won’t ask another; primitive and illiterate questions like: where you from ?- indicating the country of origin; Which church you go? What is your race? Are you gay,lesbian? Do you believe in god? You don’t know what is god, so your question is foolish. If you want to know he or she is your ‘type’; you must explain to them first your concept of god and ask others politely do you believe in ‘my god’.

So far all the gods are man made. One man’s god is not accepted by another. That is why there were several religions in the past and several in the present. They all had different gods dead and gone for ever. There are thousands of denominations even for one god Jesus. All of them has a different Jesus god. They all fight and kill and destroy one another in the name of ‘their own Jesus’.

Humans are insignificant nothing in the infinite and unfathomable universes. It is man’s ignorance to claim that he knows what god is.

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