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The United Nations should have an Anthem of it’s own

June 25, 2014 , Jose Pinto Stephen (


As part of my career I went to several events in the United Nations Head Quarters in New York City. All those events started with a welcome speech by the moderator of each event. I was wondering why they didn’t start those events with an UN Anthem? I was thinking like that because of the other events I have attended out side the UN.

In America most of those events starts with the American National Anthem and ends with the anthem of the hosting countries of such events. If each country can have it’s own anthem, why the UN is not thinking about making it’s own Global Anthem? Still I am not sure they have one song as the UN Anthem or not. If they have one, they should start using it in their events. If they don’t have one, it is the right time to create one and start using it in a regular basis.


I will try to write one song for the UN and I request you all to try to write songs for the UN. Then you can either send it directly to the UN or send it to me. I will make sure all those songs to reach out to the officials of the UN. So let us start writing songs for the UN. Make sure those songs contains the meaning, message and the relevance of the UN.

It should also contain lines about what we are expecting form the UN and what we can do or what we should do for strengthening the UN. Similar topics should be included in those songs. Songs are effective tools to spread the messages and so these songs will help the UN and it’s activities.

Currently I can’t afford to give you any prize for doing this task. But if someone wants to sponsor prizes, that is really appreciated. Even if we won’t get any monetary benefit for doing it, we will be known throughout the history, if our song is selected as the UN global anthem. When your song is ready, please send to the UN or to me. I wish you all the best in this mission.

I am not an appointed official of the UN. But I believe I am also an integral part of this great organization. So are you. I felt the need to support the UN and we all should do our part to help the UN and it’s activities. I hope our ambassador to the UN will read this news and will propose this idea to the UN General Assembly.

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