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April 10, 2017,


The social milieu is fast changing in living styles in all over the world.  Today’s youth is highly educated, techno-savvy, and culturally advanced. A sensitive, highly educated, progressive thinking fast community delving itself in metro culture , with selective but good reading habits, naturally looks forward to a crisp, curt but vivid and purely objective news coverage and presentation styles from a modern news daily. This is the market vacuum being filled in by the introduction of “Malayalam Daily News”, an online news portal published from New York, New Delhi, Kerala and the Gulf.

 The avowed aim of our news service is not to be in direct competition with the established traditional Malayalam medium, which mostly relies on either political or religious backing or its natural biases, but to plough through a new path of journalism wherein we stand for and stand with only TRUTH and objectivity in reporting styles and news presentations. We support all actions in the Society with total positivism through our columns and we move with developmental journalism as our core strength.

“Malayalam Daily News” is not affiliated with any religious, political, socio-cultural organizations, groups or individuals. We are free from all of the above. We are dedicated to serve the community by providing updated news from all over the world without any hindrance.  Each and everyone has their rights to express their views and thoughts. We give due respect to everyone and treat them with  equal status.  

To us, readers are our masters and we will cater to their interests. We will educate, entertain and inform our readers as they expect us to. Our primary focus will be to lead our readers to a life of quality, enrichment and gratification. Within a short span of time, thousands of people from all over the world have been visiting our site regularly and most readers are from the U.S. Gulf and India, especially Kerala.

We dedicate our online news services to the millions of Keralites settled in varied lands and cultures across the globe.

Thank you for supporting  “malayalamdailynews.com”

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