George Abraham, Vice-Chair of IOCUSA congratulates Mallikarjun Kharge, newly elected President of the Congress Party

George Abraham, vice-chair of the Indian Overseas Congress USA congratulates Shri. Mallikarjun Kharge upon his election as the president of the Congress party. “ The election showed the nation that the party that promotes democracy for the nation practices the same at home. By competing as a candidate in the election, Mr. Shashi Tharoor has reinvigorated the Congress cadre and highlighted essential reforms necessary within the organization to prepare itself for the 2024 national election,” said Mr. Abraham.

Mr. Kharge is a quintessential grassroots leader who has risen through the ranks with ideological commitment and a selfless work ethic. Undoubtedly, his vast organizational experience in the last 50 years will come in handy as the party faces numerous challenges while attempting to arrest the eroding footprint across the nation. The pathway to the next non-BJP government in Delhi runs through South India. Mr. Kharge is placed in an unenviable position to negotiate with various regional parties and help to cobble together a coalition that could take on the BJP and Modi.

The biggest challenge the party facing is the estrangement of middle-class voters and the failure to attract the new generation. The party machinery is said to be top-heavy, with several leaders who hardly face the electorate. Therefore, the earlier the party conducts elections for the block, district, and state levels, the more effective it will be in reaching out and energizing the grassroots.

Although the current establishment has fully lined up behind Kharge’s candidacy, the party can ill afford to ignore the hopes and aspirations of those who supported Tharoor. Therefore, Mr. Kharge has an excellent opportunity to bring together the experience and wisdom of the seniors while tapping the energy, enthusiasm, and ideas of the restless generation of young people. Together, they will be able to generate an avalanche of support from the public to reshape the party and catapult into a new horizon to recapture the old glory of the Congress that won independence and laid the foundation for a progressive India.

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